November 28, 2016



Wine Skirt For FallWine Skirt For FallWine Skirt For FallWine Skirt For FallWine Skirt For FallWine Skirt For Fall 

Happy Monday! I hope you are recovering well from Thanksgiving, Black Friday and all of the holiday festivities that took place this past weekend! I know it has definitely taken me a couple of days. After consuming quite a bit of red wine this weekend, I am still trying to detox my body of all of the sugar, alcohol and carbs! Between moving into our new home, the chaos of the holiday season kick off, and my mom having a cold last week, I have managed to come up with a stuffy nose and a little cough! I am hoping to get better soon, because the holidays are officially upon us and there is so much to do at our new home.

For today’s post I wanted to share with you my outfit for Thanksgiving! We went to Jay’s parents house and had an amazing time! The food was so delicious, I ate so much I couldn’t even eat dessert. Which is sad, because I love pumpkin pie, its my favorite! I decided to go out on a limb (which is sad because I am a blogger, you would think I would feel that I am at least a little stylish, lol) and wear a skirt this year! I have gotten in such a rut of always wearing jeans and t-shirts, which is great and comfy, but I need to start taking more time putting my outfits together. That way, I will have more outfit posts on the blog! I really believe that when you take the time to care for your skin, put on your makeup, do your hair and take time to actually plan out a nice outfit, you feel so much better. I really need to do that much more often! 


Anyways, I picked up this skirt last year from Loft on sale, so unfortunately I wasn’t able to find it, to link it! But, I have linked some similar options on the widget below, that are just as great! My Frye boots are truly my holy grail shoe of the fall, and winter, months. They are just so comfy and go with everything. They are totally worth every penny you spend on them! I love pairing this wine colored skirt with a cream colored turtleneck, like this one from Express. I love wine, and burgundy, for fall! Not to mention, cabernet is my favorite all year around, if you know what I mean;) I have been dying for this skirt from Rachel Parcell. I need to place an order from her new store. I just love her taste and her fashion line is nothing short of beautiful!


What is your favorite color to wear this time of year?



Wine Skirt for Fall

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