June 9, 2017


Whenever the seasons change, my makeup routine slowly morphs into something a little different over time. Now that summer is almost here, I wanted to share a peek into my summer makeup bag and some of the new products I have been loving over the past few weeks! 

What’s In My Summer Makeup Bag:

Summer Beauty Products You Need

Summer Makeup Bag: Summer Beauty Products You Need
Summer Makeup Bag: Summer Beauty Products You Need

Facial Spray

For basically my entire life, I have always been a toner girl and don’t get me wrong, I am still loyal to some type of toner everyday. I’m not quite sure why, but I always thought that if you used a toner, you didn’t need a facial spray. I was completely wrong! Now I know having additional skincare is a luxury, but tell me you don’t have more than one lipstick? That’s right, this summer you might have your mind blown, if you purchase this facial toner! Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray with Aloe, Herb and Rosewater is my new favorite skincare product. I spray this on morning, night, post workout, to set my makeup and everything in between. It’s perfect to take to the beach and I promise you will thank me for this one! BTW, it doesn’t break me out at all!

Bronzing Primer

I definitely went out on a limb when purchasing the Tom Ford Bronzing Primer, because truthfully I didn’t really know what to expect out of it. It seemed a little unnecessary and I never really use a primer anyway. After just two applications, I was completely sold. I keep wondering if I will ever be able to live without it or at least in the summer months. Not only does this primer do a great job of smoothing out my skins texture, but it also gives me a beautiful natural glow, as if I have been laying on a pink sand beach in the Bahamas all day! It is not orange at all, nor does it give your skin a dirty look. Rather is creates a warm glow that is irreplaceable! Definitely a must have!

CC Cream or Tinted Moisturizer

For many years I have tried, and failed, to find a tinted moisturizer that I liked. Everything I found didn’t have enough coverage or made my skin too oily. Katey McFarlan, of Chronicles of Frivolity, had been raving about this CC+ Cream from IT Cosmetics for a while. I decided to pick it up at Ulta a couple of months ago and it has been a favorite every since! Although this is definitely for those with a dryer skin type, I still find that this cc cream doesn’t break me out. I do tend to get a little oily with it, however the coverage is so amazing and a little powder sets it perfectly in place. Whether I am running to barre or wearing it as a light makeup look, the cc cream is my go to summer makeup base these days. Only when we are going out or I am filming, or shooting pictures do I wear my regular foundation. Even if you have oily skin I would definitely suggest giving this one a try. It has amazing coverage and it’s the best tinted moisturizer formula I have found. Lastly, I always apply all of my foundations, tinted moisturizers and CC Creams with my beauty blender! It makes application flawless and easy.

Waterproof Concealer

There is no doubt that in the Virginia heat, makeup tends to want to slide it’s way right off of my face in the warmer months. A few weeks ago I was at Sephora, looking for a new concealer, when the lady who was helping me suggested this one. It has great coverage, plus it’s waterproof! I am usually one who tends to steer away from anything that says “waterproof” as it always seems to be difficult to work with and never really pays off. This product, however, is completely different! This full coverage concealer, from Make Up For Ever, is amazing. It covers my acne well, blends in perfectly with my CC Cream and it lasts on my face all day, even when we are out on the boat or at the beach. If you are in the market for a full coverage concealer for the summer months, I would recommend this one


There are so many options out there for good highlighters, I could go on and on for days! When heading to the beach, or pool, I often like to use a cream based highlighter, like this one. Lately, I have been loving this highlighter.

Summer Makeup Bag: Summer Beauty Products You Need

Cream Shadow

When it comes to eyeshadow, if you are going to the pool or beach, it’s all personal preference! I explained in my recent Youtube video, that it all depends where you are going as to what kind of beach/pool/boating makeup you want to wear. As for me, this summer I am obsessed with this cream shadow from Tom Ford! It is so pigmented and is the perfect shimmery rosé shade, if you know what I mean?! I love the packaging and if comes with a powder shadow on top to set everything in place and add a little more glitter. I can’t wait to pick this up in a another color. Although this isn’t waterproof, I find it much easier to work with and more long lasting than some “waterproof” shadows. I cannot sing enough praise to this product. You need it in your summer makeup bag!

Brows + Lashes

I decided to combine these categories because I have gone back to my eyelash extensions, (praise the Lord), so I’m not wearing any mascara at the moment-except maybe on my bottom lashes. One of my all time favorite mascaras, for all year around, is the Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara. It lengths, separates and gives the must fluttery and feminine lashes. It also comes in a waterproof version as well! 

For brows, I have been a long time user of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz and the Too Faced Brow Envy kit, however on my last visit to Sephora I decided to give the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer a go. I am a girl who loves big brows and if you are too, you will love this product! It makes defining your bows so easy and quick, while still allowing you to be precise and keep things look as natural as possible.


Last summer, I shared an entire post on my top 3 favorite lipstick brands and some of my favorite shades, which still haven’t changed (they are that good, y’all)! If I am heading out in the sun for the day, I will often opt for something a little lighter, consistency wise, as well as something that is more balm like or moisturizing. The YSL Volupté Sheer Candy is my favorite tinted lip balm. They have good pigmentation, while still keeping my lips hydrated and feeling soft. Not too mention, their packaging is absolutely perfect. I also really like the YSL Tint-in-Oil lip products. These also provide incredible pigmentation (I was actually surprised) and keep your lips hydrated, making them the perfect “gloss like” product for all of your poolside events!

Hair Wave Spray

For all of my girls with stick straight hair (like me) you will love this! I have really straight hair and I used to have major trouble getting my hair to curl and then my girl would never hold. However this Wave Spray from Ouai is a complete game changer. I spritz my hair before and after curling, to help hold my girl longer. It gives the perfect natural wave and I swear it brings out a little body in my hair! I also bring it with me to the pool, and beach, and just spritz my hair when I get out of the water, for an easy beach look! I did a full review on the Ouai line, including this product, you can see that here!

Summer Makeup Bag: Summer Beauty Products You Need


Fragrance is definitely something that you want to maybe switch up in the summer months. I always admire people who  say that they have one, or two, classic fragrances because I wish I could narrow mine down and stick with them forever. For some reason, I am always find new fragrances that I like and wear them nonstop for a year, or so, before finding a new ones that I love! This summer, I found the this Tom Ford body spray that is easily my new favorite summer scent. To some it might be too powdery, but I love the fresh scent. I would recommend stopping by your local Tom Ford counter and giving it a smell!

If you want to see all of these products in action, be sure to check out this Pool/Beach Day Makeup Tutorial on my Youtube Channel!

Photography by Tiffany Sigmon 

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What’s In My Summer Makeup Bag + Summer Beauty Products You Need

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