September 24, 2015


My body is currently having some serious issues with the first couple of days of Fall. It seems like everyone on my campus has some form of sickness and it has either been passed along to me, or I am just suffering from a stubborn case of allergies. Either way, this week is not my friend! However, this weekend definitely was! I am so thankful that this bad feeling held off until Monday, because I had such an amazing time in DC this past weekend!

In Last Fridays, we are touched briefly on the fact that I am a DC fanatic [there should be a technical term for that] and that I truly enjoy visiting the whole NOVA area! It’s quite a bit different than the slow pace of living that I am used to, but it certainly is a nice change of pace for a few days! We were blessed to be able to stay in Alexandria with Jay’s family and had such a wonderful time spending the weekend together. I’m disappointed that I didn’t take more pictures than what I did, but I want to share some that I do have.


Friday afternoon, shortly after we arrived, we headed out to a Nationals Game! This weekend was my first experience attending any large scale sporting events and I have to say, I will definitely be back! The stadium was impeccable and the game was fantastic! The Nationals took a win in an extra inning, which definitely made for a great game! I was so impressed at how beautiful and clean the stadium was. Plus, the food selection was incredible. Of course I was not going to miss an opportunity to get a ballgame hotdog, but Jay [accidentally] tried out a Shake Shack “Shroom Burger”.  He was pretty shocked when he found a vegetarian mushroom burger between the buns, instead of a juicy beef burger smothered in mushrooms! That made for a good laugh, well at least for everyone but Jay, and we now know for next time!

Saturday was an early rise as we headed out to the farmers market in Alexandria. Before we left, our hostess made the most delicious breakfast casserole filled with sausage, mushrooms, eggs and cheese! Alongside the farmers market, on King street, was an Art Festival that had some of the most beautiful artwork on display for sale! The FM had everything I dream of in a good FM, [sorry Williamsburg, you need to step up your game]. After scanning through the market, Jay and I headed off to some shops for the rest of the afternoon. I was so excited to finally stop in The Lucky Knot! I picked up a Southern Proper hat and a cute little cape that I can’t wait to style for fall. Of course we went to Tyson’s Galleria and then stopped in Georgetown for some awesome food at [ThunderBurger] on the way back to Alexandria. Later that night, we had dinner and Margaritas at Los Tios Grill in Del Ray. Jay and I both had Chimichangas. They were fantastic, but I have to say the Margarita was my favorite [and it was huge]!


Sunday Fun-day began with an early tailgate, that consisted of probably the best food you will see at a tailgate! We had steak [marinated to perfection], seafood and sausage skewers, oysters, chips and most importantly beer. I ate my first [followed by many more] raw oyster and I have to say I was impressed. At first I was nervous, but I was instantly relieve and shocked at how delicious they were! Once I was uncomfortably full [in a good way] it was off to the stadium to watch the Redskins beat the Rams! #HTTR They game was so fun, but definitely much warmer than I expected. My sunburnt face is still in recovery, lol! After the game, we packed up our things and headed back home.


This past weekend was one for the books! It was jammed packed with some of my favorite things in the world, good food, sports, shopping, exploring, and the best company a girl could ask for! I had such an amazing time and can’t wait for my next trip to that area!

I hope you are having an amazing week!

What are your favorite things to do in the DC area? I would love to add them to my list of things to try next!


Weekend Recap: DC Edition


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