February 8, 2017


Valentine's Day

To be completely honest with you, I have never been one to really gush over Valentine’s Day. I’m not really into the candy or all of the awkwardness that surrounds the holiday. However, I will say that I can completely jump on the blush pink, Valentine’s Day, bandwagon! For some reason, I am still addicted to that beautiful light, blush pink color. I want all of my sweaters, shoes, accessories and obviously lipsticks to fall into that shade. Before long my entered closet might end up being one color and to be honest, putting together this post did not help that situation!

How cute are these earrings? And let’s be real, Gucci is all the rage right now and these? Well they just speak for themselves (insert clapping emoji here!) I decided to divide up the one huge widget I had for this post, into a few different categories like shoes, clothing, beauty and accessories. I am basically dying for all of these pieces, that are perfect for Valentine’s Day but I will probably jusy have to settle on one. These shoes have been on my list recently and I don’t feel so guilty about purchasing them because they are pretty inexpensive!



Valentine’s Day

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