Valentines Day with Rosé and Macarons




Valentine’s Day often seems to be a hit or miss for most people! Some love it, others boycott it, and I find myself caught somewhere in the middle.


Don’t get me wrong, I love the holiday, but find some of the decor and cliché, around the holiday, to be a bit tacky. I’m all about love, and I love Jay very much, but I don’t see the whole we have to have a holiday to celebrate our love thing. I think we should celebrate those we love everyday! I also don’t think that those who do not have a significant other should be excluded, or boycott V-Day! I see this holiday as the perfect opportunity to grab your favorite pink decor, food, rosé, and your girlfriends, and enjoy each others company over pretty flowers and sweet sips! I mean, what’s better than to celebrate Valentines Day with Rosé and Macarons?


I love the Breakfast in Bed approach to this years Sunday holiday, for couples. As for your besties, I think a sweet little lunch, or brunch, is fun and the perfect addition to this lovely [I just couldn’t help myself] holiday! 


This shoot could not have been more up my alley! The flowers, the milk glass, rosé, macarons, and these Valentine’s m&m’s are everything!! Pink has grown on me over the years, and is now very close to my heart! I found most of my goods at World Market [God’s gift to hostesses!] I just love browsing their selection of glassware, decor, wine and even accessories-seriously this hat though! I’m sure you are already well up to date with World Market, but if not, run to your local store, because you don’t want to miss out on all the goods! 

 DressShoes | Bracelets [see widget below] | Lipstick 

 World Market Coupe Plates

World Market Artisanal Cherry and Lemon French Soda

Champagne Glasses

Milk Glass Flower Vase





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