January 17, 2020


For some reason, I have never been a huge Valentine’s Day person but I can definitely get on board with Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas and Inspiration. Pink, red, gold and all things glittery? Yes, please! Maybe I was having a bit of Gift Guide FOMO or maybe it’s just a new holiday season that has me inspired, but I wanted to share with you some Gift Ideas and Inspiration for Valentine’s Day !

I hope this post inspires you for gifts for your friends, mom, significant other or my personal favorite, for yourself-girl! I have curated a list of wish listed, beautiful items, as well as a few things that “fit” that I personally own! Also, I decided to do things a bit differently, so this way I can add more inspiration/gift ideas into one post. Let me know if you like this format better or prefer older styled inspiration boards?

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

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Photography by Tiffany Sigmon

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas and Inspiration

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