September 2, 2015



As many of us, or our kids, are already back to school, it’s that time again to start thinking and planning for fall! I have to say that, although I am sad to see summer leave, [like really sad, lol], I think that fall is definitely my favorite season of the year. I just love all of the warm scents, cool nights, fabulous fashion and  neutral colors-yes, definitely the neutral colors!

I know you are probably tired of hearing this by now, but just for my new readers, I love neutral colors. I often feel guilty about my fashion posts, because they usually revolve around neutral colors, jeans and boots [#favoritethingsinlife]. But, since it is officially “almost fall”, I can get away with those things! So today I wanted to briefly chat about some things that I most excited about of the fall season!

Fall Colored Bags

All summer I have felt like my Sac de Jour has been a little out of place. It’s big, dark and bulky [which is why I am completely in love with it]. However, that isn’t necessarily fitting for summer. For fall, I am interested in fun little bags that are colorful for fall. I have been seeing the Chloe Drew bag around a lot and have simply fallen for it. What are your thoughts on it?


What makes fall fun for me is the colors, accessories and layering different pieces. I love to layer sweaters, vests, scarves and everything else under the sun. This top is so cute from Ann Taylor and the color is seriously perfect! I think that it can easily be paired with anything, including these jeans! Don’t forget the lips as well.


I usually late on trends, I know your probably thinking- then why are you a blogger? I am just in love with booties for fall, especially these ones from Vince. They are the perfect way to comfortably add a little something to your outfit, with out committing to riding boots.

Leather Wrap Bracelets

Another trend that I have noticed making a come back is leather wrap bracelets. As much as I told myself that I would never be into them, I kind of am into them now! Of course we are all lusting for a gorgeous one from Hermes, but since that isn’t always in the cards, this one from DVF is perfect. I think that it really gives the leather wrap bracelet a classy touch and doesn’t go too overboard.

Dark Polish

Need I say more? I don’t typically go too extreme with fashion and beauty, because I do write a blog called “Timeless Taste.” But as I push more for a classy style, I have found that dark polish really can be classy [if done right]. Lincoln Park After Dark, by OPI, is one of my all time favorite dark polishes, however there are plenty more out there! Maybe I will share some of my other favorites and tricks to keep ing dark polish timeless in the future?!

What are you looking forward to most for fall?


Transitioning Into Fall

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