September 18, 2015


 Top 5 Fall Nail Polish Colors

Let me start off by saying, this week has seriously put me to the test. It seems like I have been playing catch up all week and I have still yet to get caught up! This week consisted of many assignments, two tests, after school meetings, piles of reading [I am still waiting for that to do itself] and unfortunately blogging has been pushed to the bottom of the list. In all honesty, I struggle so much with pushing blogging back because I enjoy it so much.  I have missed connecting with you on social media this week and just really having the time to sit down and write.

This afternoon, Jay and I are off to D.C. with his family to spend the weekend together! We are going to a National’s Game and a Redskins Game and I’m sure we will have plenty to do in between! I am so excited to go and explore as much as I can. I will keep it short and sweet, because I am very passionate about the D.C. area, I love D.C. More on that later!

On to the topic of today’s blogpost, Fall Nail Polish. 

In my opinion, nail polish is as an important accessory as a statement necklace or bracelet. It can definitely help to pull a look together, or haunt you for the rest of your life [a chipped mani, hot pink acrylic tips #beentheredonethat, etc.,] I don’t have to tell you how much I love fall fashion and beauty trends, they just always seem to be much better than spring or summer. Fall is a “neutral-lovers” heaven and today I wanted to share with you my [current] top five favorite fall nail polishes. I wanted to include a good mixture of nude, deep red, grey and “almost” black. While the following colors are definitely favorites due to their color, they are also favorite due to their quality. Nothing disappoints me more than a streaky, hard to paint nail polish. The following are not streaky and I find them very easy to apply!

 Top 5 Fall Nail Polish Colors

Lincoln Park After Dark- O.P.I.

A perfect “almost black” shade. This color could easily be mistaken for black, yet has a softness about it that comes from it’s deep eggplant color.

Wicked- Essie

Essie’s Wicked is a beautiful burgundy, that is the perfect red wine shade.

Samoan Sands- O.P.I.

This polish is the perfect nude if you are looking for a color that makes it appear almost as if you don’t have nails [not to weird you out]. With fair skin tones it just disguises itself, but with dark skin tones it is the perfect nude. The undertones do not have too much pink or too much taupe.

Gris Montaigne #707-Dior

Grey done right. This rich grey has cool undertones that allow for it to be crisp in color, while still remaining dark and luxurious.

Staying Neutral-O.P.I.

If you are looking for a good taupe color that is too grey, this is it!

Now that you have seen my favorite fall nail polishes, I would love to know yours! What are your go to polish colors for fall?

I hope you have a great weekend! Be sure to follow me on instagram (here) to follow Jay and I through D.C. this weekend!




Top 5 Fall Nail Polish Colors

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