April 16, 2015


As most of you probably know, I am coming to the end of my junior year and college. While I love the concept of school, and I really do love learning new things, I am not always thrilled to study or do homework. Now, I am not in any way claiming to be extra studious or a straight a student. Because I am not. However, over the years I have discovered what works, and what doesn’t work, for me.
With that in mind, as the time for finals is quickly approaching, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite tips for surviving finals and hopefully getting some A’s too! 
1. Start preparing a few weeks in advance

This is one of the hardest parts for me. It is amazing how helpful starting early helps! Even if it is just something as simple as organizing your binder, notebook, updating your computer or scheduling a time to study. While reading your notes a few times weeks before your exam will definitely help, sometimes, that just isn’t practical impossible. No judgement here.

2. Get organized
While you are still ahead of the game, because you have started to prepare early (or not, lol), take some time to get everything organized. Schedule your study times in your planner and ensure that all of your exam times (and required materials) are written down. Organize all of your notes and brainstorm some ideas for how you plan to study for each test. Do flashcards work best for you? Do you prefer to recopy your notes? Whatever works best for you is key! I find that it is extremely helpful to make an outline of all of my notes. This is also when I like to print out any powerpoint posted by my teachers or my notes that I have taken on my laptop. 

3. Make a list (or a few)
I love to make lists. I do not make them as often as I should, but when I do they are quite helpful. Making lists can help to ensure that you don’t forget to do anything that you need to get done. It’s also nice to just be able to check things off as you go. For me, checking off my to-do list is like seeing your success and productivity. I just love it! Make lists for any and everything!

4. Flashcards are usually very helpful
Yes. I am that girl walking to class while studying my flash cards. You want to know why? THEY WORK. When I have any sort of material that can be put onto a flashcard, that’s what I do. They are great for learning terms and different concepts.

5. Use color
I love to make my flashcards colorful. Using different colors for different chapters, concepts, and other groups of material helps me separate and remember things. It also makes studying a little more fun and happy!

6. Fresh air and sunlight 
When I am studying for hours on end, or even just doing homework, I make it a point to take a break. While sometimes I just really like to get things over with, and by that I mean nonstop work until the task is finished, most times require breaks. Take a break and get outside. Fresh air, sunlight, and nature really seem to help me. Even if you just walk to your mailbox or take your pup for a walk! Get outside and get some sunlight and fresh air for a few minutes. I promise it will help clear your mind and get a positive outlook.

7. Remember to eat and aim for something healthy
I love to eat in general. But, snacking and eating is necessary when you are studying. Aim for something healthy like a banana, apple or carrot. But, we aren’t perfect and I have definitely been known to binge eat chocolate when stressed.

8. Sleep is necessary
I am not a believer in staying up all night to study. I perform better on tests when I have had a full nights sleep. So, try to start studying ahead of time so you are able to get some sleep the night before the test.

9. Listen to meditation music while studying
I have found that listening to meditation music really helps me focus and be more productive. I listen to the Calm Radio station on Pandora when I am studying or making flashcards. I am easily distracted and can’t listen to any music or have a TV on when I study. But, meditation music really helps me focus!

10. Coffee is magic
I am single handedly convinced that I do better with coffee. Duh? In all reality though, caffeine helps me power through all of my studying and focus more when I take my tests. Don’t over do it though. Too much caffeine can be detrimental and disastrous. Moderation my friend.

Aside from this, I should definitely try these tips out myself! I usually only do a few of these. I wish you all the best of luck on your finals! If you would like to see more study/organization related posts, please let me know!

Tips for Surviving College Finals

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