March 10, 2017


Tips for Pushing Your Fashion LimitsTips for Pushing Your Fashion LimitsTips for Pushing Your Fashion LimitsTips for Pushing Your Fashion Limits

Top: Victoria’s Secret | Denim: Mother | Shoes: Steve Madden

Bag: Chanel | Belt: Louis Vuitton | Glasses: Olivers People

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One of my favorite things about fashion is how fun and expressive it can be. However, branching out of our comfort zone can be challenging and stressful. If you’re anything like me, you’re excited to shop for new clothing pieces and try new trends, but sometimes feel scared when pushing your fashion limits! From the girl who basically wears the same thing everyday, I want to share my tips for pushing your fashion limits and trying new things!

I am a jeans and t-shirt girl down to the core, but unfortunately I find my self wandering through Club Monaco for the chicest dresses and skirts, only to find myself at home a week later terrified to wear my new purchase out of the house. Personally, I need to get better about switching up my wardrobe and trying new trends.

I’m also really excited to be sharing the first of many images from the extremely talented Tiffany Sigmon Photography! Tiffany is so talented and is just a darling. So be sure to follow her on Instagram to see a sneak peek of looks to come in the future! We had such a great time shooting and that’s when it really dawned on me what I wanted to write about, in regards to this look. Not only do I love this look, but I feel like I look so proud and confident. Which is quite funny because I was terrified shooting this look. I felt overdressed and got so much anxiety from people checking out my outfit. Which lead me to realize that I can feel so out of my comfort zone, but still be rocking a cute look! The good news is, you can too, here is how you can feel confident in an outfit that isn’t your norm!

Tips for Pushing Your Fashion Limits

Tips for Pushing Your Fashion Limits

Identify what makes you feel out of place.

For me low cut shirts make me cringed. I feel like I am naked in public, which is definitely not a good thing. However, after looking at these photos I adore this top! It’s more open, low cut and completely out of my comfort zone, but it’s also fun and feminine.

Identify what it is about an outfit or an article of clothing that make you feel out of place. What doesn’t feel right? Is it something that is you, or does it just not fit correctly? If its just a feeling you have, there are many ways to correct that feeling, but the first part in solving the problem is identifying it.

Tips for Pushing Your Fashion Limits

 Balance with something that comforts you.

If something about your outfit makes you feel off, compensate by adding something that makes you feel super comfortable. Maybe your top is a little more edgy. Add your favorite pair of denim to the outfit to create a feeling of familiarity and comfort. Maybe a dress you are wearing is feeling a little shorter than you would like for it to. Try adding a thigh high, or extra tall, pair of boots to cover more of your legs. I love this look right now and I’m still pondering on trying it, it just doesn’t feel like me! Adding boots helps the look, and feeling, so much.

Tips for Pushing Your Fashion Limits

Opt for neutrals.

You know me, so of course I couldn’t forget to mention neutrals! There is no doubt that when you are pressing your comfort zone, adding bright colors does not help the situation. Instead, try going for neutral colors if you are feeling uncertain about the cut of a t-shirt, the length of a dress or skirt, or the shape of an article of clothing. Whatever it is that makes you feel uncomfortable, will not feel any better if you are wearing it in bright pink. Go for something subtler like white, grey, or in this case black!

Tips for Pushing Your Fashion Limits

Uncomfortable is never stylish.

When I say uncomfortable in this context, I’m talking about things that down right don’t fit. Maybe they are too small, or too big. Maybe they are itchy or turtlenecks make you feel like you can’t breathe. Nothing is more painful, and dreadful to watch, than heels that are too high to walk in. It just doesn’t look good! Whatever it is, uncomfortable is never stylish and you will always look unhappy or uncomfortable. If something doesn’t fit or you know for sure you just don’t like it, return it, sell it, or donate. When you feel good, you look good. You will smile, laugh and feel confident! That’s what fashion is all about, right? As for the things they we feel like we aren’t worthy of wearing, or we don’t look good enough in, you might be surprised just how good they make you feel when you see yourself wearing them in a picture! Pushing your fashion limits can be more rewarding than you think!

Tips for Pushing Your Fashion Limits

I hope that you found value in this post and understand where I am coming from when talking about pushing your fashion limits. Sometimes we don’t feel like we are stylish enough to wear something or we are just stuck in a really bad rut of wearing the same thing all the time. That’s normal, but we shouldn’t let it hold us back from trying out new things and pushing our comfort limits every now and then!

What is sitting in your closet that you are fearful to wear out in public?


All photos are from Tiffany Sigmon Photography.

Tips for Pushing Your Fashion Limits


  1. Tiffany

    March 10th, 2017 at 10:42 pm

    You are so incredible! I love this post <3 Such a privilege to work along side you!

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