September 27, 2015


Denim Jacket


Over the years, my style has changed drastically and I know that it is not even close finishing it’s evolving process!

I have grown to love many different clothing pieces and outfit combinations, that I would have never dreamed of wearing together. What I love so much about personal style is how it grows and how it is unique to each person. I have loved riding boots for a very long time. Denim jackets have seemed to go in and out over the years, but I truly feel that they are where to stay. Growing up, I wasn’t always the most girly-girl, in fact I am still getting comfortable wearing dresses! I always feel so overdressed, or exposed, when wearing a dress. However, I am slowly beginning to feel more and more comfortable in them.

Denim Jacket


I recently picked up this dress from Loft and I am so pleased with it. It is comfortable and so versatile, which I love! This dress is perfect for work, church, or [as you can see here] a casual weekend dress! If you are like me and struggle with feeling a little overdressed for the occasion, when wearing a dress, don’t worry. I want to share with you a few of my tips for taming down that feeling and making your dresses easier to wear!

Denim Jacket

Tips for Making Dresses More Casual

Adding a jacket to a dress can instantly change your look. Denim Jackets are perfect for fall because of their added warmth and the outdoors style look they give to your outfit. But, if you aren’t into Denim Jackets, you can easily tie a  sweatshirt, or sweater, around your waist to create a casual look. Then if you get cold, your jacket is right there to keep you warm!

Sometimes, I believe that there is some unwritten, girls code that makes us feel that we have to wear certain things together. Maybe that’s just a little OCD side to me that is strictly against branching outside of the norm. But, none the less, my tendency to make things more difficult, trumps that and allows me to challenge any rule this life throws at me. Therefore, it’s ok to wear boots and sneakers with dresses! I have loved wearing riding and cowboy boots with dresses, for a very long time. However, I am new to booties and sneakers. Over the summer, I have grown to love sneakers with dresses, especially my Converse’s.

Hats are also another fun way to switch up your look. Adding a baseball cap can give you a fun “sporty girl on a Saturday” look! Don’t worry, that’s totally a thing, at least I think so. Hats are also very in for fall and I am dying to get a new one to add to my collection [I will link some of my favorites below].

I hope that you found these tips helpful. I am trying to incorporate more dresses into my daily rotation, but it can sometimes be a struggle!

I would love to know some of your tips for wearing dresses!



Tips for Making a Dress More Casual

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