July 20, 2020


I can’t believe I’m here to talk to you about spending our first three months with Beau! Everyone tells you that time flies, but seriously, why does it have to go so fast? I just want to bottle up these feelings, and this time. I just wish it would slow down a bit.

Our little boy is growing so fast, we just can’t keep up! We have been enjoying our time as a family of four, #quadsquad, and are all learning our new roles and routines. This sweet baby changes everyday and each stage is even more exciting than the last.

I wrote a two month update and never got around to posting it, so I will include my thoughts from month two here as well!

Three Months with Beau
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Two Months with Beau

We are getting lot’s of cute smiles and coos throughout the day. Beau loves to lay in his bassinet, chat and smile in the mornings and at night. There is nothing quite like those sweet baby noises and smiles. Words don’t describe the way they make me feel on the inside. It truly is the BEST THING IN THE WORLD.

Month two brought about growth and changes! For a few different reasons, I made the terribly difficult decision to stop nursing. With that said, we introduced bottles and needed several additional things. Because Beau is more active and alert now, we have been spending more time in his room and he just loves his play-mat. Whenever I have a few moments I try to update his baby book which we absolutely love!

Three Months with Beau

This little fella is movin’ and shakin’ these days. He is very talkative and will probably be more like his mama when it comes to talking. Meaning, once he starts he might not ever stop! (haha) We love this sweet boy so much and it is truly difficult for me to come to terms with how quickly life is flying by. Each day he learns something new and is chaining a little bit.

He loves his toy bar on his Baby Bjorn Bouncer seat. He talks to all of the little animals and grabs them and hits them. He is moving around his playmat and trying out the different stations. He loves to kick the black and white ball now and just talks away whenever we lay him down on it. He sits up in his boppy a lot in the bed when we are watching tv and has moved up to sleeping in a pack n play in our bedroom as he outgrew his bassinet.

Beau loves to hear himself talk and sometimes just kind of just yells at us, instead of crying, to get our attention. LOL! We are starting to see even more of his personality shining through and we love it so much.

On week 13, just a couple of days after he turned three months old, Beau rolled over for the first time! Mommy is very proud of him, Daddy too! We love you so much, Baby Beau!

Some of our favorite Beau things from Month Two

Feeding: these bottles, bibs, Baby Brezza (life saver if formula feeding, just make sure you have the correct powder setting), Bottle Brush, Soap, Drying Rack and Accessories.

Play: Play Mat and Mamaroo Mobile

Sleep: Ollie Swaddle and Sound Machine

Baby Book

Some of our favorite Beau things from Month Three:

Monogrammed Weezie Towels

Play: Bumbo, Baby Bjorn Bouncer with Toy Bar, and these books (1,2,3) he loves so much, the bug book is his favorite these days!

Nuna Travel Crib for Sleep


I thought I would mention clothing as a small aside. We absolutely LOVE Kissy Kissy outfits for Beau. He has onesies, pants, pajamas, shortsleeved outfits and tanks tops. We love everything! Also, blankets, bibs, mitts and booties. Really, everything is just the best from them. It’s hard to go back to anything after you have had that soft pima cotton!

A few more things…

Now that I am writing all of this out, I feel like it would just be better to make a more organized post on everything we loved and would recommend for months 0-3. If that is something you are interested in, just let me know!

I mentioned these items in my first month post, but we have really loved pampers swaddlers for his diapers. I personally believe using Water Wipes has made a difference too. For some reason, the smell of pampers wipes just don’t agree with me and I feel like Water Wipes are a much cleaner option. We love them. This diaper pail is a life saver. It’s chic and does the job. Other options out there might be more affordable at the beginning, but this one I think is the best option and the best investment. It’s built to last. You don’t need to buy any cartridges or special bags and it keeps all of the smells locked away!

Three months has gone by way too fast. My little baby is growing into a bigger and bigger baby everyday, right before my eyes. He is so beautiful and perfect and being a mother is the best thing ever. I really do hope to get back to posting more regularly on this space. These days it makes me so happy and gives me a little bit of freedom, that I really love and crave! If you have nay content requests, just leave them in a comment or send me an email and it will give me something fun to look forward to!

Three Months with Beau

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