May 2, 2020


Well, I definitely had planned to share this BEFORE Beau was born, but here we are. I wanted to follow through with my trimester recaps (see those here), even though I have already given birth and my third trimester feels so far away. I will do my best to remember how I felt before our little guy came into this world and hopefully will be able to share his birth story soon with you.

I asked about a month ago, or more, for your third trimester questions on Instagram, but I managed to let those get erased. So, I’m just going to do my best to follow my previous formats and include any relevant details!

Third Trimester Recap

Third Trimester Recap

Third Trimester Recap

My dress, here.

How are you feeling?

Tired and uncomfortable. Whoah, the third trimester is no joke. My weight hit an all time high of at least 180lbs. Yes, you heard that right. 180 lbs. The week before I gave birth I was 179.6 lbs at my doctors appointment so I know I was well over 180 lbs. by the time Beau was born. Surprisingly enough, as tired as I was, I had more energy and motivation during my last trimester than I did in my first two. Maybe it was the spring weather or just the anticipation and not knowing when baby would come. Either way, I was gardening, cleaning and resting too!

Any Cravings or Aversions?

No specific cravings or aversions, but I was pretty hungry! I always heard that you wouldn’t be as hungry during the third trimester and that was true towards the very end. But, for the most of my third trimester, I was pretty hungry. (lol) Hence the 180lbs!

Best Part of the Third Trimester

The anticipation and excitement for Beau to make his debut was the best and the worst. I was pretty antsy and anxious to meet him. The best part was feeling all of his kicks and movements. He became pretty active and seeing him move, and Jay being able to feel him really well, was probably there best part!

Worst Part of the Third Trimester

I would have to say probably just being uncomfortable. Nonstop bathroom visits and getting in and out of bed was awful. I pretty much dreaded bedtime everyday because I didn’t sleep much and was constantly needing to get up to use the bathroom, which required rolling out of bed. That was not easy. Sometimes I felt like I wouldn’t make it to the bathroom because of the pressure on my bladder, sorry TMI.

Third Trimester Recap
Third Trimester Recap
Third Trimester Recap

Third Trimester Favorites

Anything maternity, which I didn’t buy much of. Thankfully, my sweet friend gave me some maternity pieces which were so amazing and essential! Also, warm baths were so great at the end of my third trimester. I started taking them even more than I usually did. Probably 2-3 times per week. It felt so nice to just float in the water. I definitely don’t think I could take the heat of being extremely pregnant during the summer, but being able to swim and float in a pool would have been really great on my back and ribs and well, just about everything!

I started living for my pregnancy pillow again and basically just built a fort around myself every night, which also made it harder to get out of bed. I used this oil and I’m still using it postpartum, even though I got stretch marks anyway. Honestly, I think some people get them and others don’t. I’m someone who got them for sure!

Overall, I feel like pregnancy was much harder than I had expected. It was so rewarding and worth it in the end. I am so in love with our little Beau that I would be pregnant a million times over for him. However, it definitely has it’s moments and some make it look far more glamorous than others.

Covid 19 made the end of my pregnancy quite stressful and uncertain. During my last month, Jay wasn’t allowed to come with me to any of my appointments anymore, which was hard. He had been by my side for every single appointment and it just didn’t feel right not having him there with me. He continued to support me and waited in the car for every appointment. We FaceTimed almost every single appointment and figured it out. Overall, that was a huge bummer.

Giving birth was also completely different than I had expected, but I will save that for another post. If you are a mama out there and are scared during this time, I feel for you. I am praying for you. It is a very difficult and scary time. But, I PROMISE YOU, you are so much stronger and braver than you know. You can do anything and you are so loved!

I know this recap was a little bit different than most, given that I have already given birth and I’m not still in the thick of pregnancy. I’m sorry about that, but if it gives you any comfort in your third trimester, the discomfort you are feeling will soon be almost too difficult to remember!

Photography by Tiffany Sigmon

Third Trimester Recap


  1. Monica

    May 6th, 2020 at 10:50 am

    Congratulations again on your sweet Beau! Love this post. I think we as women sometimes sell ourselves short. We are capable of so much more and much stronger than we give ourselves credit for. It really is true that once that sweet baby is placed in your arms, you “forget” the uncomfortable parts of pregnancy and even the pain of childbirth.

    I cannot wait to hear your birth story but until then, continue to every moment of every day with your little family.

  2. Morgan Parlett

    May 7th, 2020 at 3:54 pm

    Thank you so much, Monica! You are so right. We are so much stronger than we think. Thank you so much for your support and love! Can’t wait to share his birth story soon. Thank you for following along!

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