November 18, 2016


The Ultimate Pampering Gift Guide

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At the end of a long week, especially during the busy holiday season, there is nothing better than having a cozy night, or morning in, for a little pampering! I love staying in on the weekends, camping by the fireplace, completing a little pampering routine, to truly enjoy the little moments in life! Some of my best gifts have been a comfy pair of slippers, my favorite robe, or the perfect holiday pajamas. Sometimes we overthink gifts and end up skipping over the simplest ones, that are often the best gifts. Maybe you have overlooked some of these items in the past, but this holiday is the perfect time to start gifting the perfect pampering treats! I have linked some of my favorites in the widget below! 

Try gifting…


Slippers or Furry Socks 





Pillows or Blankets 

The Ultimate Pampering Gift Guide


  1. Karolina

    November 18th, 2016 at 2:15 pm

    Great taste! I love Baies candle, I bought it last year as a from me to me gift lol and I am obsessed! The robes are to die for as well.
    The La Mer lip balm is on my wish list but I am afraid I won’t like it because it has some menthol or mint in it and makes your lips something like cooling sensation and my lips are too sensitive for such things, I don’t know. If you have tried it let me know 🙂
    love you lots

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