February 25, 2017


The GLAMboard

For the past few years now, you have heard me continuously brag on my Glambox and share how I just can’t live without it! I always get so many questions about my Glambox. The most popular question I get by far, is from my friends wanting to know if I think the Glambox will fit on their small countertop or what they should do if they don’t think the box will fit in their bathroom. Let me just tell you that all of these problems and concerns of whether the Glambox is too large are officially solved! Say hello to the Glamboard! The Glamboard is the end to all of your concerns, and potential worries, of the Glambox being too big for smaller counter space.

In my opinion, it’s also the perfect addition to your Glambox, if you already own one. There are so many different ways that you can use the Glamboard and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to share with you how I use my Glamboard!

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The GLAMboard

The GLAMboard

There are so many reasons I love the Glamboard that it’s hard to know where to start! The Glamboard is an expandable and portable, beauty board that is perfect for organizing all of your beauty essentials. You can use it for organizing your makeup, skincare, haircare and even your bathroom vanity essentials. The board comes with two main compartments that easily fit all of your makeup compacts, eyeshadow palettes and even a hair comb if you need it! Each side expands to reveal an additional compartment on the left, and right, end of the board. You can collapse the sides in and the Glamboard fits perfectly on top of your Glambox or you can tuck it away under your bed or in the closet!

The GLAMboard

How to use the GLAMboard

There are so many ways that you can use your Glamboard, but these are just a few of my favorite ways!

The GLAMboard

Over the Sink

Whether you have a pedestal sink, or just prefer to keep your sink close by when applying your makeup, the Glamboard is a must have! Simply pull each end of the Glamboard outward to extend the board to is full length, place it over your sink and turn on your water. The Glamboard was designed to fit over your sink, while still allowing you to run your faucet at the same time. I love this concept because I can’t live without my beauty blender, which requires wetting before use. Also, I have to openly admit that I make a mess when I put on my makeup, so I love that the Glamboard keeps me organized, clean and fits perfectly over my sink.  

The GLAMboard

The GLAMboard

The GLAMboard

In Your Bed

Let’s be real. Sometimes we don’t feel like getting out of bed to do our makeup. Whether you are having a lazy Saturday morning before heading out to brunch with friends, or you are so sore from your morning workout that you can’t barely move, sometimes doing your makeup in bed is a must have luxury.  I love sitting in my robe, on my bed, to do my makeup but sometimes that can be too messy. The Glamboard solves that problem by keeping all of your makeup organized and off of your sheets! This might just be my new favorite way to use my board.

The GLAMboard

On The Floor

Maybe you have a large #ootd mirror that you love to spend hours in front of getting ready, or you need to sit by the fireplace on a cold winter morning, bring your Glamboard and a fuzzy blanket over and get your glam on! 

The GLAMboardThe GLAMboard

Organize Your Hair Products

My hair drawer always turns into a mess of ruined bobby pins, hair tie galore, brushes with too much hair caught in them and empty hairspray bottles that need to be tossed out. An easy way to cut all of those problems is to minimize what I need and just keep the hair products I’m actually using. The Glamboard stores my hair products, combs, bobby pins and ties perfectly. I display it beside my Glambox on my vanity.

The GLAMboardThe GLAMboard

Display Your Perfume Bottles

I am always looking for a fun way to display and organize my perfume bottles. The Glamboard is the perfect way to display them, while still keeping them organized. If you have just a few perfume bottle you can set some of your most used jewelry pieces, hair ties or lip balm in the front compartment. Then just line up your prettiest perfume bottles in the back. It’s almost like shopping at your own private boutique! Who doesn’t want that?!


Use As A Supplement To Your Glambox

The GLAMboard

There are just so many ways to use the Glamboard, your options are limitless! My favorite way to use the board is as a supplement to my Glambox. I am able to organize my most used skincare, and makeup, items in my Glamboard on top of my Glambox. Then I have an extra drawer in the box for additional storage!

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I know you will love the Glamboard just as much as I do and please let me know if you have any questions. I am always happy to answer your questions. I really hope you will check out the videos I made for this video, as they provide a ton of visual content and you can really see the board and how to use it! 



The GLAMboard


  1. Dine

    February 25th, 2017 at 2:38 pm

    This is very convenient, especially if you do a lot over the sink. My daughter wears contact lens, I will purchase one for her to place all her eye stuff in. when she is ready to use it, she just have to move the tray to the sink. As always, great presentation on Youtube and here.


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