June 20, 2019

The Home

Curating a home can be fun and a great creative outlet, but it can also be stressful and frustrating. Over the past few years, Jay and I have been consistently working on our home and somedays it feels like we are getting nowhere, but I know that’s not true. I go through phases when I feel really inspired to work on our home and then there are times when I don’t. Right now, I am feeling much more positive and inspired by our home and the life I’m so grateful to live. This morning, I thought to myself, what better time to breaking my blogging silence then now, by sharing all of the beautiful summer home decor inspiration pieces that are on my wishlist and keep me inspired daily!

Below you will find items that I love, some that are similar to things I own, something that is on my wish list and something that I just purchased! Simply hover over the image and click on your favorite pieces to shop!

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While a runner for our master bathroom wasn’t the most important thing on my shopping list, I came across this one this morning on Alice Lane and just knew I needed to order it. Finding beautiful rugs for a good price is hard to do, but this one was budget friendly, and coming from Alice Lane, I’m thinking it’s going to be great quality as well. I have also been debating on purchasing this rug for our keeping room. What do you think?

When your home is pretty much a blank canvas, picking out the right pieces for each space can get pretty overwhelming. I’m constantly checking brands and details whenever we are out and about, or traveling, and something catches my eye. In January, on our trip to Miami, we enjoyed an amazing stay at the Four Seasons in Surfside. Immediately upon entering this beautiful place, I was constantly taking note of brands and the design by the incredible Joseph Dirand of course! This is where my love for Palecek and this piece of artwork began. I know that this is the piece meant for our living room, above our fireplace, so I really just need to pull the trigger and order it. Polished coconut shell arranged in a petal formation. It truly is the merging of my two favorite worlds.

(And to think that was my wishlist item and I just reassured myself that I actually need to purchase it now, haha.)

It would be hard to describe my style and home decor inspiration, but this collage pretty much captures the gist of what brings me oy this time of year. My end goal is to combine neutrals and natural materials, with a touch of elegance and more luxurious pieces. Kind of like East Hampton meets Palm Beach meets a Parisian Apartment. I’m hoping that St. Barth’s will provide me with a little more inspiration! I also hope that you enjoyed this Summer Home Decor Inspiration and Wish List! What is on your summer home decor wish list?

I’m sorry for my absence and I’m working on finding a good balance between YouTube, this space, and my life! Thank you so much for stopping by!

Summer Home Decor Inspiration and Wishlist

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