July 22, 2020


Adding this Covid mess on top of having a baby and not being able to leave the house very often has put me into a little bit of a slump lately. I have being dreaming of a Summer beach vacation, something we haven’t done in years and we finally pulled the trigger on a rental house. Let me tell you what, everyone and their mother has booked Summer beach rental houses. They are hard to find, y’all!

Either way, the idea of getting takeout or grilling out, spending the days on the beach and in the pool and just relaxing, are giving me real inspiration and something to look forward to. Naturally, we wouldn’t be going to any hotels or flying on any airplanes, so a nice rental house and road trip sound pretty fun to me! I’m already looking forward to it and planning a packing list! If you have any tips for road tripping with a baby, please let me know! We are bringing the whole #quadsquad on this trip. 6.5 hours with a baby and a pup!

Instead of just sharing one image roundup, I decided to add all of my favorites to this list so that I can update it as I find more and more beach finds! I can say that from the few things I do own on this list, this swimsuit is a dream! I bought it a few weeks ago for the Fourth of July and love it so much. It’s now on sale! It’s very soft and stretchy, I would say size down.

I received this several years ago as a gift and love it so much. You can fill it with water, but it holds an entire bottle of wine! #winwin

This dress has been one of my go to pieces this summer. It’s beautiful and comfortable and perfect for postpartum! I know I will be adding more beach finds to my closet, so I will add them here too. For fun, I added a few of our favorite summer baby items as well!

Summer Beach Wish List

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