August 20, 2019


As you know, Jay and I took our first trip to St. Barth’s in July and honestly it was everything I had dreamed it would be and so much more. St. Barth’s is known for its elite luxury and chic clientele. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

We have already added beautiful St. Barth’s back onto our travel list as we learned so much and truly enjoyed our time spent on this unique island. My love for shopping, beaches, and good food were all satisfied and even amplified during our trip. If you are considering St. Barth’s as a travel destination, please, wait no longer!

Even though we have only been to St. Barth’s one time, I wanted to build a guide for you to use, based off of places we ate and enjoyed, shopped, and a few tips I would give for any first-time traveler. I will start with the practicalities and work my way to the little luxuries.

St. Barth's Travel Guide: What to Wear

St: Barth’s: The Basics


After hearing that St. Barth’s was a French island, I had very few thoughts about how much French would actually be spoken on the island. While we never had any true difficulty communicating, I wish I would have brushed up on my French a little more, before our trip. With that said, it was so much fun learning new words and absorbing the French island culture. It made me feel very cosmopolitan if I do say so myself.

Getting There

While there are no direct flights into St. Barth’s, unless you are flying private that is, but it’s only a quick skip on Winair from St. Maarten to St. Barth’s. If you are extra luxe, I would definitely look into flying on Tradewind, but we don’t really have any complaints about Winair. The flight is only about 15 minutes and it’s is interesting landing in St. Barth’s to say the least!


Another slight inconvenience was the currency exchange. While U.S. Dollars are widely excepted, sometimes the conversion rate to Euros can be a bit tricky and not work in your favor. It was easy enough to get change, and we used our American Express Platinum whenever possible. I would still recommend exchanging a few hundred, or more, dollars exchanged Euros before getting to the island.


If you are used to traveling to more populated islands, you might be surprised at the lack of taxis on St. Barth’s. In fact, this article shares that there are only 38 registered taxis on the island. Our hotel provided us with access to great taxis, if you are interested, just send me an email and I would be happy to provide their contact info. Next time, Jay and I will definitely rent a car and I would recommend that too.

St. Barth's Travel Guide: Le Sereno St. Barth's

Where to Stay

We stayed at the incredible Le Sereno hotel that exceeded every expectation. The hotel itself was stunning and very private. With only 39 suites, it felt like we were almost the only people staying at the time! The food was next level and I still miss the baskets of freshly baked bread that you receive with every meal. The chocolate croissants are worth the stay!

The options for luxurious hotels are pretty much endless, for such a small island. Those that come highly recommended are Le Toiny, Le Barthélemy, Hotel Christopher, Cheval Blanc, Le Gunahani and several others. There are also so many beautiful properties to rent from extremely reasonable prices to Kardashian Worthy spots.

St. Barth's Travel Guide: Le Sereno St. Barth's
St. Barth's Travel Guide: Le Sereno St. Barth's
St. Barth's Travel Guide: Le Sereno St. Barth's
St. Barth's Travel Guide: Le Sereno St. Barth's
St. Barth's Travel Guide: Le Sereno St. Barth's

Where to Eat

The food was one of my favorite things about St. Barth’s. Each restaurant seemed to have it’s own touch and way that they made similar dishes unique in their own way. I ate more Mahi Mahi than I ever have and I actually came home feeling so good and not bloated like most vacations!

We enjoyed several meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) at our hotel at the Restaurant Le Sereno. It was just named “One of the world’s best restaurants.” by CNN. Each morning we were greeted with a basket of fresh bread and croissants, followed by a menu that was just perfect. The yogurt in St. Barth’s was the one thing I wish I could have brought home with me. The seasonal pineapple fruit was perfectly sliced and served placed back on the skin. For lunch, I would recommend the Club Sandwich, Fish Burger, or Nicoise Salad. All of which was unbeatable. For dinner, you will find a unique assortment of options, the Eggplant pasta was my favorite, along with small treats from the chef throughout your meal. The olive oil that is served with your bread is heavenly. I must find a way to purchase this! A true experience with a view and breeze.

St. Barth's Travel Guide: Restaurant Le Sereno
St. Barth's Travel Guide: Restaurant Le Sereno

We had lunch at Le Select, in Gustavia, which is said to be the inspiration for Jimmy Buffet’s Cheeseburger in Paradise song. To be honest, though, it wasn’t the best burger I have ever had but it made for a fun photo op!

Bonito is a must! I was recommended this spot by Emily, from 10th & James you must check out her blog. She gave us instructions to make a reservation for a good view. We ended up just showing up early and were thankfully able to get a good see. This restaurant has the best view of the Gustavia harbor and is the perfect place to enjoy the sunset.

St. Barth's Travel Guide: Bonito St. Barth's
St. Barth's Travel Guide: Bonito St. Barth's

Aux Amis Restaurant located in the Le Barthélemy hotel is another must, in my opinion. After having the chocolate soufflé, we had to come back for a second time. It was simply the best dessert I have ever had. But, I’m a chocolate soufflé kind of gal. I had the Local Fish with buttered linguini twice, it was just that good. Of course, the fish was Mahi Mahi and it was cooked exquisitely. If you have time, I would recommend going for an early drink at the rooftop bar. We enjoyed having a glass of wine and enjoying the view.

If you follow any celebrity or blogger on Instagram, chances are you have seen glimpses of Bagatelle in St. Tropez. Dancing on tables, day drinking, and grabbing that special “party” seating. Bagatelle in St. Barth’s is slightly different, as we went in the evening, but they don’t party any less. If anything, I think they party more! The food was wonderful and go for the truffle mashed potatoes if you don’t go for any other reason. I was really impressed by the amount of truffle and burrata on the island of St. Barth’s. Two of my favorite things, which happened to be served at almost every restaurant! If you check out my Instagram Story Highlights, the Bagatelle stories will feature the flashing chandelier followed by several hangover videos. It was well earned if I do say so myself!

Lastly, I will talk briefly about Shellona. The beach, the food, the decor, everything about Shellona is one of a kind. I would recommend renting a beach chair for the day, I believe they are 50 Euros per chair for the day, and spending your day swimming and collecting shells! For lunch, Shellona offers a variety of Greek Cuisine. The grilled meat has an intense flavor and if you’re lucky, as we were, and they have it, the burrata is the best here!

St. Barth's Travel Guide: Shellona St. Barth's
St. Barth's Travel Guide: Shellona St. Barth's

St. Barth's Travel Guide: Shellona St. Barth's


St. Barth’s has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. As I mentioned before, we did not rent a car and didn’t have cell service on the island, so unfortunately exploring too many beaches wasn’t an option for us this time around. There are several online resources (see the end of this blog post for more sources) that can provide you with all the most see beaches, that we will be using on our next visit!

However, we did make it to Shellona at Shell Beach and this is definitely a must! This is hands down one of the most beautiful beaches I have been too. The beach is made of shells, obviously, and the water is the most beautiful blue color you have ever seen! The water is cool and deep and great for swimming.


The shopping was one of my main attractions when surveying St. Barth’s as a potential vacation destination. You could spend the day in Gustavia, but it only took us a few hours to make our way through everything. My love for luxury was heightened in St. Barth’s as everyone is just so Vogue. You will find everything from Hermes, Cartier, Louis Vuitton and Dolce and Gabbana, to Montaigne Market that carries Dr. Barbara Sturm, Zimmermann, Melissa Odabash and so much more. I also picked up a striped dress form Imrie, which you will love if you are into very simple and classic style. If you are looking for books, art, beach bags, or small home pieces, you must visit Clic. I wish I could have brought so many things home from this store, but thankfully they have an online shop, as do most of these other places!

This post has been extremely long so I will make the ending short and sweet. If you haven’t been to St. Barth’s and you love a beach vacation with style, you must go. For further reading and information on all of this beautiful islands musts, see the following articles! I hope you found this post helpful and enjoyable.

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St. Barth’s Travel Guide: Where to Eat, Sleep, Beach, and Shop


  1. Chiara Proia

    August 27th, 2019 at 9:38 am

    Hi Morgan! I’ ve just read your post! It is very well written and satisfies a lot of curiosities about this beautiful island! For exemple, I didn’t know they use euros as money! Them I realized that St. Abarth was a french colony and that’s why they are strictly connette with France.
    I have also appreciated the fact is a small island and not very crowded that is for me a plus!! So I love your hotel with only 39 Roma, a real heaven!!
    Also the food seems great with bread, croissant, fish and frutta grown on the island.
    I think you and your husband had a blast there and I hope also my family and I could spento a vacation in St. Abarth one day!
    Love and kisses Morgan!
    See you soon!


  2. Morgan Parlett

    August 28th, 2019 at 12:53 pm

    Hi Chiara!!
    Thank you so much for your kind message! We truly fell in love with St. Barth’s and I think you would love it too! It such a breath of fresh, beautiful air! Thank you again for stopping by my blog<3
    Kisses to you!!

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