February 27, 2015

Food + Drink

Happy Friday Y’all! {I feel that y’all is necessary to have every now and then because I say y’all when I speak, however I try to be a bit more formal when writing.}  VA has gotten quite a bit of snow lately, or at least my area has gotten more than it usually does, so I have had a few snow days (I still had school just a few delay’s here and there). Although I am completely ready for summer and dying for warm weather, mother nature has been wanting to freeze me to death! 

Therefore‚Ķ desperate (& freezing) times call for spiked hot chocolate!
 I am sorry if you are not of age and cannot use this recipe, however regular hot chocolate is still delish and there are other ways to spice up your hot chocolate! There is nothing fancy or hard to make about this recipe. All you will need is water (or milk), hot chocolate mix, Bailey’s Irish Cream and whipped cream!

1. Heat the water to your desired temperature. I heat a little hotter than I would usually drink because adding the room temperature Bailey’s tends to cool it down some.
2. Mix in your hot chocolate.
3. Add a shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream (or more or less if you desire!)
4. Top off the whole situation with whipped cream 
5. Everything taste’s better in a cute mug!
Mug (mine is in gold)
I think snow is so beautiful and really do enjoy watching it fall, from my warm bed! Having some hot chocolate or even hot tea makes the cold a little more comfortable for me. If you are not of age try spicing up your hot chocolate with some sprinkles on top of your whipped cream or add some raspberry sauce on top (the chocolate and raspberry combo is divine)!
What are your favorite things to do on a snow day?
P.S. Aren’t these deer in my backyard adorable?!

Snow Day Cocktail

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