January 28, 2020


I’m not quite sure how this pregnancy has flown by so quickly and I’m already sharing my Second Trimester Recap, but I’m officially 29 weeks pregnant! The Second Trimester was much better than the first but had it’s own challenges and obstacles. It’s surreal that we are already into the Third Trimester and that we will be meeting our little fella in just less than 3 months! Whoah.

Second Trimester Recap, Maternity Photos
Thank you so much to my sweet husband, Jay, for snapping these beautiful images that I will cherish forever!

I’m feeling so excited and even more emotional. Can you imagine? haha Jay is tired of me analyzing labor and delivery. Shoot, even I’m tired of analyzing it but I’m trying to get an understanding of what my body will endure in order to try to begin to wrap my head around it. Lol.

There is still so much to do before our little Baby P arrives and I’m definitely feeling the pressure, in all areas! I will have a two new videos up soon, more of a chatty overview of this blog post, and will link them here when they are live!

How are You Feeling

Overall, at the end of the second trimester, I’m feeling pretty good! I have my days, as we all do, but in general I feel the best I have this entire pregnancy right now. I was physically sick up until about week 18, which was far longer than I had anticipated, especially carrying a little boy. However, I’m convinced that some people are just prone to more nausea than others.

After the nausea subsided, the hunger, aches and pains set in, later followed by thirst. I coped with the nausea by making sure I always had something in my tummy to combat that feeling. When my appetite returned, it came in hot and heavy! In December, I pulled a muscle in my back which took over a month to heal and have also been experiencing some pretty bad rib pain on my right side. These days, most of that doesn’t get too bad until the evening, so for that I’m grateful.

One thing that I didn’t anticipate was pelvic pain and oh boy, that is no joke!

Was the Second Trimester easier than the First?

They each have their on challenges, but overall the second was much more enjoyable and easier than the first trimester. I don’t think I have ever been more miserable than I was during my first trimester. It’s so easy to get down when you feel so terrible all of the time and it’s hard to be excited!

Any Cravings or Aversions?

For the most part, no aversions! As far as cravings go, I’m not sure that I had any true cravings, maybe more favorite foods and lack of self control? haha

At the beginning of my Second Trimester I lived off of Ovaltine as a breakfast/pre-breakfast snack. That obsession slowly turned into a love for chocolate milk and milk in general. I drink about a gallon per week, which is a lot because I never really drank that much milk before due to it’s ability to really upset my stomach! (lol) I drank chocolate milk every morning on our trip to NYC too!

The Mexican food cravings have subsided and thankfully, the heartburn left the building, for now at least. However, I still have had a real hankering for fast food which has not helped the cellulite on my thighs and bum. I foresee a lot of squats in my future this Summer.

Sweets have definitely been on my list more the past few months, then they usually are. I have indulged in several PB&J sandwiches, with a glass of milk of course. I have eaten them for breakfast, for lunch and for dinner. PB&J with a glass of milk has always been one of my favorite meals, so that has to count for something. Right?

Lastly, I will say that my thirst has increased tremendously this trimester! I never understood women saying that they were so thirsty. During my first trimester, the thought of water made me so incredibly nauseous. Now, I drink sooo much water everyday. From the moment I wake up I’m thirsty. I will usually down an entire bottle within the first 20 minutes of being awake. From the moment my eyes open up until I fall asleep, I’m constantly drinking water. Which, unfortunately, keeps me up all night long! I’m always drinking water and I love it with lemon.

Best Part of the Second Trimester?

Definitely feeling this little guy move around all day and Jay feeling him move too! It took us both a while to feel consistent movements and that is most likely because I have an anterior placenta. You can read more about that here, but basically it just means that the placenta is growing between baby and my abdomen. I definitely believe that this muffled some of his movements during the early days. Now, he is moving up a storm and I love his response to Jay’s touch.

Also, passing our gestational diabetes test was a huge relief for me and just being healthy in generally is such a blessing. You can see our vlog of the gestational diabetes test here. Seeing our little one at 20 week and 24 weeks was such a joy. He finally gave us a good profile image! <3

Second Trimester Recap, Maternity Photos

Worst Part of the Second Trimester?

By far the pulled back muscle and rib pain was the worst and most uncomfortable part of the second trimester!

Nursery Plans and Update

I’m hoping to share a Nursery update blog post and video soon, if you are interested in that! However, for the most part all of the big pieces are here and/or are ordered and should be arriving shortly (fingers crossed). I ordered our glider through an interior designer but decided to take on the rest of the project myself. Not only is it more special this way but I felt like I needed to do this as a soon-to-be mom. I really wanted to decorate his room myself.

Here are the things we have already purchased that are available online:



Bathroom Mirrors

Light Fixture

We have also ordered a rug, glider and wallpaper. I have a few small things on my list that are most decor pieces: stool, floor lamp, artwork, mirror for above dresser and a few other decorative details to fill in the space. I’m not sure that this will be ready by the time he arrives, but if not, hopefully soon after!

Second Trimester Favorites

My body did a lot of changing during the second trimester, as do most! I had to make a few changes to my wardrobe and also have skimmed through a couple of books! Here are a few things I have loved and needed throughout my second trimester.

Commando Underwear

Wireless Bra

Skin Bra (these are my favorite, so comfortable and supportive)

Eberjey Pajamas and Nightgowns

Lululemon Align Leggings

Lululemon Tank

Belly Bandit Leggings

Paige Maternity Jeans


The Gentle Birth Method

If you are interested in seeing a “what we have bought for baby” or maybe “what’s on or registry” blog post, I would love to share. Just let me know!

Second Trimester Recap, Maternity Photos

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