March 22, 2017

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If you are a new wife, like me, you might find yourself baking chicken all too often! It’s easy, delicious and pretty hard to mess up. If you aren’t a new wife, you are probably thinking “Baked Chicken? She must be a new wife!” I am going to be completely honest when I tell you that I have found myself baking chicken a little too often, recently, so my blogger instincts kicked in and decided that we need to up the ante. Say hello to this divine Rosemary Lemon (dinner party worthy) Chicken!

Rosemary Lemon Chicken

Rosemary Lemon Chicken

Rewind to a few weeks ago, when I came to the realization that I was cooking the same chicken recipe, for Jay, every week. All my new wifey friends know that continuously cooking up new recipes, for your man, can be difficult and definitely challenging. I was down to the wire, with little time to spare and decided to just throw together what I had, in hopes of making a tolerable meal for Jay. An hour later, my oven produced a moist, mouthwatering, and (can I say?) blog worthy baked chicken. It’s a no brainer, I had to share the recipe. 

Rosemary Lemon Chicken

Rosemary Lemon Chicken

Of course, I went straight to Jay saying “This has got to go on the blog!” I’m going to take this recipe as a “wifey-win” and I hope that if you are in need of an easy, and party worthy recipe, you will give this one a go. It is incredibly tasteful, delightful and doesn’t require hunting for off the grid ingredients. Truly, I believe you will find most of these ingredients in your pantry already. If you are like me, you probably have a some of them laying around waiting to be used.

Rosemary Lemon Chicken

Rosemary Lemon Chicken
Rosemary Lemon Chicken

Rosemary Lemon ChickenRosemary Lemon Chicken

Rosemary Lemon Chicken

What You Will Need

Download your printable copy of the recipe here.

  • 6-8 Chicken Parts (I prefer to use legs and thighs, but anything works)
  • 1 lemon sliced
  • ½ yellow onion sliced
  • 3 cloves of garlic smashed
  • Small handful of rosemary sprigs
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper

Rosemary Lemon Chicken

Step 1: Clean and prepare chicken. Slice onion, lemon and smash garlic Save each end of the lemon for a little squeezing.

Step 2: Spray a 9×13 pan with nonstick spray and place chicken in pan. Salt and pepper generously.

Step 3: Place garlic throughout the chicken. Surround chicken with onions and rosemary.

Step 4: Top chicken with lemon slices and squeeze the remaining juice of each end, of the lemon, onto chicken for a little extra lemon flavor. If you prefer your chicken to have more of a lemon taste, go ahead and use an additional lemon to provide more juice!

Step 5: Finish by drizzling olive oil over everything.

Step 6: Bake at 350° for 1.5 hour

Photos by Tiffany Sigmon Photography 


Rosemary Lemon Chicken Recipe

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