October 10, 2018


After Jay and I moved into our house, I began ordering more and more things online! Amazon has quickly become one of my best friends, over the past few years, and I thought it would be fun to share a little list of my Recent Amazon Purchases. 

I’m kind of sad to admit that I was not on board with Amazon for a long time. I’m not quite sure why, but I was just very hesitant! That has completely changed and now you will find everything from food items to beauty products in my Amazon cart. I love purchasing beauty products from Amazon because, with Prime, they come in just a couple of short days. 

It’s only fair to admit that I’m one of those people who now orders so many things from Amazon, I actually forget I ordered something and when it shows up I’m clueless as to what’s inside the box! If you are like this too, let me know. That way I can explain to my husband it’s just in our blood! (haha!)

Recent Amazon Purchases

Recent Amazon Purchases Fall 2018

Jade Roller

I have been wanting a jade roller for a long time but always put off purchasing one. After doing a little online searching, I found this one on Amazon for only $15.99. It comes with the jade roller and an additional ” Gua Sha” stone for massages and relieving joint and muscle pain. This has totally transformed my morning and nighttime skincare routine! It feels amazing on your skin and has great benefits too. 

The Miracle Morning

Oh my goodness, this book has been on my list for so long and I’m so disappointed that I waited so long to read this book. It is seriously amazing. This one is a quick and easy read, but full of so much goodness, that I know you will love. It only took me a little less than a week to finish it. Hal Elrod, the author, also has a podcast so you can check that out too!

IS Clinical Products

My problematic skin is NOT a new thing around here. I can pretty much guarantee that my acne is related to hormones and I really just need to find a good dermatologist in my area. However, I have been trying out IS Clinical products, after my recent obsession with Rosie Huntington Whitely.  She swears by this line, so I thought I would give it a try. I love that I can order my favorite items and have them from Amazon to my doorstep in just a few days. There’s nothing like going to use your cleanser at night and realizing there isn’t any left! *gasp* Raise your hand if you have ever done that?! I definitely have!

Carbona Stain Removers

I talked about these in one of my latest vlogs and I’m telling you they are life-changing. If you don’t love laundry or are still learning to tackle stains (like me) you need these in your life! There is a stain remover for every type of stain and they seriously work. I no longer fret getting something on my clothes because I know I can handle it with this set from Amazon! You can also purchase them individually, which is great too. 

Label Maker

You might have seen on my IG Story that I recently ordered a label maker from Amazon. You can thank Khloe Kardashian and her Khlo-C-D series on her app because I have been addicted. I think I am finally, slowly, getting everything in our home in order. Truly, taking time off from blogging has helped and The Miracle Morning is changing my life a little bit!

Recent Amazon Purchases Fall 2018

To be honest, I could probably list out a few more recent Amazon purchases, but I think I will wait and see if you like this post! If so, let me know and I will try to make these a regular thing. Of course, I have to ask, what are some of your recent Amazon purchases?

Recent Amazon Purchases Fall 2018


  1. Bunny

    October 10th, 2018 at 11:47 am

    I love reading about good Amazon finds! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Morgan Reed

    October 12th, 2018 at 2:22 pm

    Yay! I’m so happy to hear that! I will have to share these posts more frequently 🙂 Thank you for stopping by!

  3. BSB

    December 12th, 2018 at 2:21 am

    This was great to read. Thanks for sharing

  4. Morgan Reed

    December 12th, 2018 at 9:24 am

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, Brenda!

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