March 24, 2017


The other day I was going through my closet, or at least the portion of my clothes that I have moved over to our new home, and all I could find was white dresses afte, white dresses! I love bridal style all too much and can wear whites, and neutrals, all day. Whether you are recently engaged, and have numerous bridal events to attend too, or maybe you are still in love with all things bridal, I hope that this post will help you to perfect your bridal style, or even your personal style.

Perfecting Your Bridal Style | | Photography: Tiffany Sigmon Photography

Photography by Tiffany Sigmon

Something about the Spring season has me staring at beautiful bridal portraits, lush bouquets and white dresses all day on Pinterest! Maybe it’s because this time last year I was fully engulfed in wedding planning, white dresses, and all of the other beautiful chaos, that surrounds a wedding. Or maybe it’s because my sister-in-law, is the bride to be and I am so excited for her! Either way, Rihanna says it best, “it must be love on the brain” and love-ly is always in the description, when speaking of the bride! 

Perfecting Your Bridal Style | | Photography: Tiffany Sigmon Photography
Perfecting Your Bridal Style | | Photography: Tiffany Sigmon Photography

There isn’t a rulebook on dressing for these occasions, but I really feel like there a few important things to keep in mind. From my personal experience, if you wearing something out of your comfort zone, that is too trendy, you will regret it. My showers were 8-9 months ago and I already regret what I wore! I really don’t think I took these tips into consideration, because of that my appearance suffered. By the time my rehearsal dinner rolled around, I had a better grip on my bridal style and I know I will always love this dress! Even if a more traditional style isn’t your thing, hear me out on these points. I have learned from my poor choices and I hope I can help prevent you, from making the same bad selections I made.

Perfecting Your Bridal Style

Perfecting Your Bridal Style | | Photography: Tiffany Sigmon Photography

Keep it Classy

There is something to be said for a bride who keeps it classy! Maybe it’s my personal style, or maybe I am just blind, but I find that selecting a dress or outfit, with a flattering and sophisticated cut, makes all the difference and is a must. I cringe when I see brides dressing in fabrics that are falling off their body, dipping down too low in the front or back and might be a little more nightclub appropriate. When in doubt, go for the classier option. You might feel boring at first thought, but at the end of the day you will be a timeless bride that is doing it right!

Feminine Qualities

Most importantly, keeping your look soft and feminine is key to mastering an elegant, bridal style. These events are moments you will reflect on throughout your life,  so why not make them delicate and beautiful. This is your opportunity to be the only lady wearing white, so take advantage of that. I loved filling my closet with different white dresses during wedding planning and wedding is definitely feminine.  The definition of feminine, “having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with women, especially delicacy and prettiness,” truly hones in on the alluring qualities of women. In my opinion, a bride is sophisticated, elegant and (most importantly) feminine. Keep that in mind when dressing yourself!

Lace is Always a Good Idea

Speaking of romantic, nothing is more romantic and timeless, than beautiful lace. Try to incorporate luxurious lace into your wardrobe for your shower, rehearsal and other bridal events. Lace is subtle, intricate and elegant. It’s one of my favorite wedding details and an overall wedding essential.

Consider the Occasion: Theme, Location and Dress Code

Obviously not every occasion requires a formal dresscode, but a classy bride is gracious even at a casual event. For more casual parties, consider wearing light, breathable fabrics and styles that are more comfortable. I still think it’s important to still be modest, when it comes to certain areas. My mom always reminds me to leave something to the imagination and keep things covered. If you are outdoors opt for something with straps, instead of going strapless, trust me on this one. I made that terrible mistake too many times and it didn’t make for pretty bridal shower photos of me! Maybe a long, flowy, off the shoulder dress would be suitable. I love off the shoulder dresses because they reveal the neckline and shoulders, while still covering bits of the arms. These styles are suitable for outdoors and much more flattering than strapless! I think I could go the rest of my entire life without wearing anything strapless ever again. I promise, you don’t want that memory.

Add Your Own Style

Lastly, don’t wear something that doesn’t feel like you. Whether it’s your wedding gown or a shower dress, don’t wear something that isn’t your style. Maybe you don’t like dresses? Give a tasteful romper or pant suit a go! It’s your time so don’t spend it try to mimic someone else. Add your own flare, but I would suggest not going too trendy!

Perfecting Your Bridal Style | | Photography: Tiffany Sigmon Photography

Perfecting Your Bridal Style | | Photography: Tiffany Sigmon Photography

Whether you are a new bride to be or a gal with a taste for neutral colors, the perfect white dress is just as much a  staple, in your wardrobe, as the LBD. This dress is the dreamiest bridal dress ever! I had to sneak it into this post!

I’m excited to share more bridal and wedding related content, throughout the beautiful Spring months. If you have any wedding related questions, or post requests, be sure to let me know and I will work on that! I have some exciting home content coming, soon that I can’t wait to share!


Dress | Needle & Thread similar (Unfortunately my dress is no longer available) 

Shoes | Steve Madden


Perfecting Your Bridal Style

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