May 20, 2016


Perfect Summer Sweater | | #TimelessTaste @ClubMonaco Perfect Summer Sweater | | #TimelessTaste @ClubMonaco Outfit Perfect Summer Sweater | | #TimelessTaste @ClubMonaco
Perfect Summer Sweater | | #TimelessTaste @ClubMonaco Perfect Summer Sweater | | #TimelessTaste @ClubMonaco Perfect Summer Sweater | | #TimelessTaste @ClubMonaco

Sweater: Club Monaco | Pants: Loft similar | Shoes: Jack Rogers | Bag: Louis Vuitton

Earrings: Baublebar | Bracelets: David Yurman [linked below] | Lipstick: YSL #7

Similar Sweaters: herehere and here

My first week without college obligations is coming to an end and I feel that it’s only appropriate that I mention how ahhh-mazing it has been! I have been able to spend this week blogging, taking photos, responding to emails and making lot’s of preparations for the many events to come in the very near future! At this point, I am feeling very thankful and exhausted. 


 It seems like I just strolled out of college and into an endless pile of to-do lists, that I managed to have abandoned over the last several weeks, or should I say years? Weddings and home building are no joke, and should not be taken lightly. Thank God I have Jay who holds both of us up when we need it! He is nothing short of wonderful. On the contrary, the star of todays post is my new and favorite sweater from Club Monaco!


Of course, after planning this post, shooting  it and writing it out, I cannot find an exact link to this sweater [#justmyluck]. However, I have linked a few very similar options above! You might be thinking, “Why the perfect summer sweater? Summer is hot!” and you have a very valid point. But lately here in VA, I have been wondering if switching from spring to summer slipped mother natures mind?! I’m over here like, “Girl, did you forget something?! It’s a little chilly!” So hopefully she will get the memo soon! Even in the dead of summer, there are many evenings that call for a light sweater with shorts, or if you are dining on the water [my fave!] you may opt for a sweater, rather than a tank top!


For those occasions, having a reliable and lightweight sweater is a must! This one from Club Monaco has given strength to my outfit repetition problem. Basically, I may have worn this weather three times this week, whites kind of problem! It is good for my wallet, maybe not as good for my reputation! haha. For this shoot, I paired it with my almost seersucker style pants from Loft and my Jack Rogers! Beautiful bouquet and your set!


Do you have a favorite summer sweater? 

Happy Friday Friends!

Perfect Summer Sweater

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