September 4, 2020


It’s unreal to me that our little baby boy is already 4 months old! With that said, I thought I would share our baby favorites from the 0-3 months time frame. Naturally, this post has been written for over a month but it has been hard to find the time to take photos. I’m working on trying to carve a few minutes of “me time” so I can blog again! say a prayer for me!

I’m not really sure where the time goes, but boy, it sure goes fast! I think Kenny Chesney said something like that. Am I right? It’s unhealthy for me to dwell on time too much because I honestly get a little bit sad thinking about it.

When I was pregnant, I read so many different blog posts and articles about the best baby products, things and gadgets! The truth is, there are so many great things out there and every baby, and family, is different. Really, you just have to find what works best for your baby and your lifestyle. It takes time.

There are so many things to consider when purchasing baby products, but I thought I would just share with your our favorite things and if they are really special, I will share why we like them or how we use them. Of course, I highly recommend doing your own research and gathering other opinions. I am in no way a professional, but we have had a little trial and error.

Here are our baby favorites from 0-3 and the things I would recommend shopping, or registering, for. You can see our baby registry items here. Also, it’s important to mention that I’m probably forgetting something, but will let you know if I update this later on. things are ever changing and we have already swapped out a few things and I will share those in the future, very soon.

A Few Random Things First

Pacifier: Beau came to us from the NICU obsessed with a Paci. These are his favorite so far. These clips are a must!

Mom’s on Call: Taylor-Rae from Style Soufflé recommended this book to me. We have absolutely loved the structure and recommendations. It is so informative and a perfect gift for new moms. I just purchased this one for 6-13 months.

Dreft Laundry Detergent + Stain Remover: We love this and now I wash everything in it!

Baby Sleeping Door Pillow, Lamp, Blocks

Bath Time + Diapering

Angelcare Infant Bather: tip- for little babies, place a small hand towel in the tub and wet it down. This helps with the sliding around!

Scalp Scrubbie: LOVE these! I feel like Beau’s little scalp is clean and this helps rid of any small skin flaking.

Kyte Brush Set and Sponge: So far, we use the soft brush (LOVE) and the sponge from this set. I would highly recommend it!

Baby Wash Cloths

Johnson and Johnson Baby Q-Tips: Some people don’t recommend using this in your babies ears, but we find the safe, effective, and essential!

Honest Company Shampoo/Bodywash and Lotion

Beaufort Bonnet Company Towels and Washcloths: I’m so sad these are no longer available! But, we use our Weezie Towels now.

Aquaphor: A must! If you are having a little boy, buy lot’s of the squeezable Aquaphor. You will thank me later 😉

Honest Diaper Cream: We have been blessed with no rashes thus far. However, this is nice to have and helps to heal any redness.

Pampers Swaddlers


Ubbi Diaper Pail: I raved about this diaper pail in this blog post. But, basically it’s easy to use, much more attractive than most, and doesn’t require special bags or inserts. Although, these bags hold A TON of diapers!

Changing Pad + Pehr Covers

Changing Pad Liners: These will save your changing pad in between washes!

Frida Baby Nail Clippers and File: We love these nail clippers. I never thought I would be able to clip Beau’s nails with confidence but these are amazing! I do his nails once a week and sometimes twice!


Pehr Swaddles: These were our absolute favorite when we came home from the hospital. The absolute best for swaddling during the newborn phase!

Ollie Swaddle: When Beau started breaking out of his swaddle, we started using the Ollie and it was life-changing! He started sleeping so well.

Dohm Sound Machine: This sound machine is beautiful and great. Jay and I love sleeping with it now! But, it helps keep noises from around the house from distracting baby during nap time and at night. We now have two of them.

Moses Basket + Stand: This is Beau’s bassinet setup and we absolutely love it!

Snuggle Me Organic: Perfect for newborn days (tear) and for early morning snuggles!

Motorola Baby Monitor: This one is great. We also have the Nanit and love that as well.

On the Go

Bugaboo Fox Stroller: I have heard complaints about bugaboo strollers but we LOVE ours. It’s easy to fold and very chic. Plus, it rides like a Rolls-Royce! Of course, they already updated our version. You can see the new one here.

Bugaboo Nuna Car Seat: Also beautiful and pairs with our stroller. Very plush, comfy and safe for baby!

Car Mirror

Travel Fan: You have probably seen these all over my instagram. They are a hit with both Diesel and Beau!

Pehr Changing Pad: We use this so much! Around the house, at others homes, in the car and more! A must!

Disposable Changing Pad: Great for public changing tables, however with Covid we haven’t seen much of “public” anything.

Diaper Bags: Great for trashing diapers while out and about.

Travel WaterWipes: Saves room in diaper bag!

Pacifier Clip: Cute and keeps from the dreaded pacifier on floor incident happening!


Feeding looks different for everyone. We have done a little bit of everything and honestly, I could share a more in-depth post, if you are interested, just let me know!

Dr. Brown’s Bottles: Great for on the go and keeping gas away.

Glass Bottles: A cleaner option, that we use when at home.

Sterilizer: This sterilizer is one of my number one recommendations for anyone having a baby! Perfect for bottles and breast pump parts! It sterilized and dries contents, plus it’s actually pretty.

OXO Bottle Brush absolutely the best and is not messy like others.

Boon Drying Rack and Accessories: Necessary, for us, even though it seems like it might not be.

Babyganics Bottle Soap: We like the foaming option.

Baby Brezza: If you are using formula this is heaven sent. It makes a bottle and warms it in seconds. Like a Nespresso for baby! Just make sure you get your powder setting right!

Holle Formula: Apparently the best option out there. We use this and Beau loves it.

Green Sprouts Bibs + Burp Cloths: The most absorbing and softest for an affordable price.

Gingham Bibs: Cute, soft and affordable.

Play + Seating

Lovevery Play Gym: I have raved about this playmat so much and will continue to do so. It is heaven sent and so great for baby’s development. Beau loves his and we love that it knows exactly what he needs to help with development in different areas. It is tacky and isn’t covered in a million flashing lights!

4moms mamaRoo: We have used our Mamaroo so much. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s essential, at least not for Beau, but it is definitely handy!

Baby Bjorn Bouncer + Soft Toy Bar: What is essential, though, is this bouncer! It is easily portable, it isn’t an eye sore and we use it everyday all around the house. Also, if you plan on having multiple babies, you can simply purchase a different seat color and each one easily removes for washing.

These black and white books- 1,2,3: Beau loves these so much.

Jellycat Soft Books: These are so much fun and soft for little babies. We love Jellycat books for Beau. He has tons of them!

Hangers, Baby Duffle Bag


A few of our favorite clothing brands thus far.

Baby Clothes Hangers

Drawer Organizers: We love these from the container store.

Kissy Kissy

Little English

Beaufort Bonnet Company

Nantucket Kids

Kissy Kissy Gowns

Gerber Onesies Bodysuits: I prefer these to other brands because they are softer, fit better and have two great buttons!

Kissy Kissy Footed Jammies

Kissy Kissy Mitts: These were a total newborn essential for us! Beau wore them all of the time to keep himself from scratching his face too much.

I love shopping on the Maisonette website. You can find a lot of great pieces on their website.

I do a lot of online ordering but if you are local our favorite stores that carry baby clothing are The Carousel in Williamsburg and The Perfecting Setting in Newport News.

Our Baby Favorites: 0-3 Months

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