March 14, 2018


If you watch my Youtube videos, you probably know that I like to sneak new additions to my makeup collection and wardrobe into my videos. I have always felt that in order to share something on my blog, I needed to use it for a long time and have a solid post to share. Now I’m not saying that I haven’t given these a try for a bit and that they aren’t worth anything because I wouldn’t share wasteful content like that. However, these new beauty finds have me reaching for them every day so I thought that I needed to share them with you sooner rather than later!

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New Beauty Finds

Guerlain Meteorites

The Guerlain Meteorites have been on my wishlist for so many years. I feel like at one point a few years ago they were all the rage, but that quickly settled down and I haven’t heard much about them lately. I saw them while flipping through a magazine, a few months ago, and mentioned that I wanted them several years ago. My husband, being the clever man he is, purchased these for me for Christmas. Although these little pearls are expensive I believe they live up to their price point.

Lately, I have been using these as a setting powder for a subtle all-over glow and the results have been stunning. You can also use these as a very natural highlight and obviously I don’t have to say anything about the package and the product itself.

Oribe Dry Shampoo

If you watched my latest vlog, then you probably noticed that I bought this on accident! However, I am so glad that I did. I probably would have never purchased this dry shampoo on purpose and after trying it I couldn’t be more thankful that I picked up the wrong product. This dry shampoo works so amazingly at giving

Tom Ford Blush Nude and All Mine

You could say that I’m the queen of having 10 different lipsticks that all look the same and to be honest, I’m not the least bit disappointed about it. I love a good Blush, Nude, or in this case Blush Nude shade! Tom Ford is definitely on my radar right now and I have stumbled upon so many great Tom Ford products lately, including these two lipsticks. I have been wearing either All Mine and Blush Nude every day! Blush Nude is definitely more of a light peach color in my opinion and All Mine is more of a nude with a hint of taupe!

Tom Ford Illuminating Primer

I have been faithful to the Tom Ford Bronzing Primer and love it so much. I purchased this last spring during a Sephora Sale and it lasted me all of nine months. No lie. While I was at the beauty counter a few weeks ago, I was going to repurchase the Bronzing Primer when I noticed this Illuminating Primer. I decided that even though my skin tends to be on the oiler side, I would give the Illuminating Primer a go. I was hooked on first application. This primer has the same consistency as the Bronzing Primer only it provides and very subtle glow to the skin. It doesn’t make my skin feel oily or look greasy, instead, it gives the appearance of youthful healthy skin. This is a new beauty find that will be a part of my collection for quite a while!

Tom Ford Opale Cream Shadow

As with the primer, you know my love for Tom Ford Cream Eyeshadows and this one in the shade Opale is nothing short of perfection. It is a pearl-like color that brightens my eyes for a beautiful subtle shimmer. The consistency of these shadows is amazing. They are easily blendable and a dream to work with. Once in place, they stay put and don’t feel dry or too wet. It’s like the feeling of them on my lid just disappears

See this product in action here.

Herbivore Coco Rose Body Polish

Herbivore is a brand that has been on my wishlist for quite some time. As a blogger, I am trying to get better about testing out new products but the thought of having piles and piles of unused product makes me cringe. Therefore, I like to keep my testing under control and do thorough research. This, however, is one of those scenarios where I am kicking myself for not trying this brand sooner. They have so many wonderful qualities, other than their amazing products and beautiful packaging, including that they are non-toxic, cruelty-free and vegan! What’s not to love?

This body polish is the perfect balance of exfoliant and hydration. My skin feels silky smooth after I use this! Plus, it looks oh so chic in my shower or beside my tub!

La Mer Hand Treatment

I am a sucker for a good hand cream and La Mer gets me every time! This is definitely a “treat yo self” product but we all need some of those sometimes. Right? Anyways, I have been loving this hand cream lately and I still swear by the La Mer lip balm. It is hands down the best one on the market and worth every penny!

Mavala Nail Care Products

Isn’t it amazing how quickly I get carried away and end up writing posts that are WAY TOO LONG! Anyways, I am going to wrap this up because I could talk all day about Mavala Switzerland products. I used to use these years ago and I just recently started using them again, in my attempt to get my nails back to naturale. These are affordable and work so well. If you are interested in knowing more, check out my recent favorites video on my Youtube channel!

On My Wish/Shopping List

New Beauty Finds Spring 2018

I have been on a bit of beauty craze lately and just feel the need to buy new beauty products! I think it all started with watching one of Katie Jane Hughes Instagram Lives where she was doing Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s makeup. Y’all I have a new girl crush and my google search history is full of all things Rosie HW from fitness to skincare, you girl is keeping up with Rosie these days! She is stunning and her skin is even more beautiful. I’m pretty sure my beauty, health, skincare, craze came from that video.

Anyways, Katie used this Kevyn Aucoin eyebrow pencil on Rosie and it is now on my wishlist! I have also been getting into more cream based products as they used a lot of those! Rosie does natural beauty so well and I’m feeling incredibly inspired to get back to a more simple look. I have heard good things about the Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Sticks and their Velour Extreme Matte Lipsticks. The colors Burnished Bronze, Fire, and Dominate are on my list! I would love to try somthing from Glossier, Charlotte Tilbury, and a few skincare items from Shani Darden’s Line.

The changing of seasons always inspires me to switch things up a bit! I would love to know what new beauty products you are loving or want to try. Thank you so much for stopping by!

New Beauty Finds Spring 2018

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