May 5, 2017


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From the time I was a little girl, my mom has always been my best friend. She has been my inspiration, my comfort when I need a friend and example of the kind of woman I desire to be. She loves others and cares for everyone in her life without hesitation. Mom’s are so undeniably selfless, providing everyone in their family with the love and support they need daily. Seldomly do they ever ask of anything for themselves. Mother’s love their families unconditionally and often don’t get the recognition they deserve, although they never seek any acknowledgement for the compassion they show others. My mom has sacrificed so much of her personal time for her family and we owe her a life time of repayment.

With many errands and endless to-do’s of helping others, mom’s hardly ever take a moment to pamper or take care of themselves. Although there are so many things my mom taught me as a girl, one thing that really sticks out in my mind is the importance of caring for my skin, and body.

I remember being a little girl and watching my mom get ready in the morning, or whenever we were going out to dinner as a family. She would always take her time applying her makeup, curling her hair and finishing with her favorite fragrance. Having a beauty regimen has always been stressed to me as girl. I will always remember her powdering my back and braiding my hair before bed. Not to mention those late night hair cuts, when I decided that I just had to have bangs before school the next day! She always warned me I would regret it, but always tended to give in to my requests. Because that’s just what mom’s do!

The truth is, I owe the world to my mom. She taught me how to be myself, how to love myself and how to love others. She made me lunch everyday and even cleaned my room up, until I moved out. She loves me when I don’t have a good and when I do. Now that I live on my own, she even comes over and does our laundry! A mother’s love never ends, nor does she ever stop caring more for her children and husband, than she does herself. I have a feeling your mom is just as wonderful as my Mom. So why not treat her to the perfect pampering gift this year?

I always like to gift my mom something she can use to pamper herself with, for Mother’s Day. This year, I am so excited to have the opportunity to share with you L’Occitane’s Mother’s Day gift sets! This Mother’s Day, L’Occitane is offering a variety of different gift sets, featuring an assortment of body and bath products, that your mom will love. L’Occitane has created the perfect Mother’s Day pampering set that I am choosing to give to my mom this year! I seriously wish you could smell this Aromatic Lavender Gift. There is no way to describe just how heavenly it smells. It is the sweetest, most gentle,  lavender fragrance you will ever find. Even my husband can not get over how amazing the gift set smells. There are so many options available, but I promise you, you will love this one! Here is a little bit more information about this specific set:

Aromatic Lavender Gift: $74 ($95 value! )

This limited-edition spa gift contains:

– Lavender Foaming Bath 16.9 oz.

– Lavender Perfumed Sachet 1.2 oz.

– Lavender Hand Cream 1 oz.

– Bonne Mère Lavender Soap 3.5 oz.

– Lavender Scented Candle 3.5 oz.

– Wrapped in a L’Occitane Signature Gift Box

Thank you to L’Occitane for sponsoring this post!

Mother’s Day with L’Occitane


  1. Joyce Hildebrand

    May 5th, 2017 at 8:54 am

    This is one of the Best gifts a Mother could get.Everything women dream of ,I have used this before and it smells and feels Great.Hoping to get one my self Thank You for sharing.

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