March 13, 2019


I recently went for my first ever microneedling treatment and wanted to share with you my procedure process and what to expect if you decide to try microneedling for yourself. Before going in, I was extremely nervous. My dermatologist called in a numbing cream to a local pharmacy and that made me pretty skeptical about how painful the treatment would be. I had already made the decision to give microneedling a try because after having acne for so many years, I am ready to start healing my scars. Even though I was nervous about the treatment, I went through with it and I am so glad that I did. 

Despite looking like I had the worst sunburn imaginable the first day and then looking like I slept with a tiger on the second day, after a few days, my skin was glowing and my overall complexion is already improving drastically with just one treatment. I’m not going to sugar coat it and tell you that it was a walk in the park, at least not for me, but I am going to tell you that I would definitely do it again. These pictures are definitely not my best glamour shots, but one thing I admire most about reviews is honesty and realness, even if it isn’t pretty. So, I hope that you find this post insightful and helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email or leave it in a comment!

Also, before we get started, I should note that my skin is extremely sensitive and gets red easily. I usually get flushed just after washing my face! You can see more of my beauty blog posts here

My First Microneedling Experience | What to Expect My First Microneedling Experience | What to Expect

Microneedling: The Treatment Itself


As I mentioned before, my dermatologist called in a numbing cream for me to pick up from a local pharmacy, prior to my appointment. I was asked to come in a little bit early, to have the topical numbing cream applied and sit allow it to soak in for about 45 to 1 hour, prior to the treatment beginning. From what I understand, this is pretty common, so if you are planning on having a microneedling treatment done, I would recommend bringing something to do while you wait. 

The numbing cream itself was more of a gel consistency and did tingle a bit, once it began working. Your face will become numb and if you haven’t experienced something like this before, it might feel extremely weird, but that’s totally normal. Mild discomfort is normal and once the treatment begins, you won’t notice the tingling at all. For my microneedling treatment, my dermatologist used the Skinpen. Their website has even more information, so be sure to check that out. However, you will notice that my skin did not look like the model they have on their site, after my appointment!

The Microneedling Treatment

My dermatologist began by removing the rubbing cream from my face and cleaning my face with alcohol. Having the alcohol placed around my nose and mouth was probably the most uncomfortable portion of the treatment, for me. the fumes were terrible! Then, working in sections, she used the pen to cover the surface of my skin small using circular motions, in a serious of continues lines, until each section was complete. She did left side, chin, right side, forehead, and then my nose last. The treatment itself barely lasted 20 minutes if that. A gel of some type is used in the process to allow the pen to glide easily on your skin. After my face was cleaned and a the Skinfuse, a hydrogel, was placed on my skin to keep it soothed and hydrated. 


Because I was unsure if I would be happy with the results or wish to have more than one done treatment done, I did a one time purchase. It is recommended that a few microneedling treatments be done to see full results, although the amount of treatment differs depending on the individual. The price for my single treatment was $500, however, I’m sure costs will vary depending on where you are located. Online, the range varies from $200-$700.

My First Microneedling Experience | What to Expect My First Microneedling Experience | What to Expect My First Microneedling Experience | What to Expect My First Microneedling Experience | What to Expect

(My skin about a week after the treatment)

Microneedling: Pain, Aftercare and Healing Process


Looking in the mirror was a bit of a shock, but if you google microneedling, it really isn’t that shocking. However, when it’s your own face, it is a little scary! I was sent home with a gentle cleanser and moisturizer sample, as well as the Skinfuse to apply on my skin. I didn’t find the microneedling itself that uncomfortable. With the numbing cream, the microneedling itself felt good on most parts of my skin. The pain came in when areas that have bone closer to the skin were treated. Areas like my cheekbones, forehead, upper lip area, and of course if spots were treated multiple times, tended to get more sensitive to the needling. I was surprised that my nose didn’t hurt. To be honest, the nose was the least sensitive area, follows by the hollows of my cheeks.

Directly after the treatment, my face felt like I had an extremely bad sunburn. It was warm and burning and felt pretty tight and dry. This feeling continued for most of the first day. By the end of the day, I rinsed my face and was able to apply some of the gel that afternoon. On day two, most of the pain had subsided however my skin still felt pretty tight. By day three, all of the pain and tightness was gone and my skin was feeling back to normal. It just didn’t look quite normal yet.

Aftercare and Healing

To be honest, I was hoping that my skin would have bounced back quicker than it did. But, when it did bounce it was glowing, smooth and the tone was much more even than before. The first two days my skin was extremely red and it looked pretty rough, honestly. By day three, the redness was going away and only a few spots were still noticeably red. I also began peeling around my mouth on day three. By the end of day three, beginning of day four, my skin was full on peel like never before. By day five, my skin was pretty much back to normal.

I resumed using my skincare routine, prior to what was recommended, but I honestly think this serum made a huge difference in my skin. I did, however, refrain from wearing makeup for a few days. When I did have to leave the house and applied a little makeup, my skins peeling process was pretty bad looking! I would recommend avoiding makeup as long as possible.

Microneedling: The Review

So, what’s the verdict? Is it worth it? Would I do it again?

My answer is, yes.

This was a really interesting treatment, but I can honestly say that although it was uncomfortable at points, I would 100% do it again. I don’t think that my scarring is gone after one treatment, but I do know that my skin has been much more even and glowy. I think the overall texture of my skin is much better too. It is smooth the touch, in most areas. 

Next time, I will probably see if I could have this done on a Friday so I could take the weekend to get my skin looking normal again. I am also really interested in having PRP done in combination with the Microneedling. Overall, I think I had a really great experience. I just know that in the future, I need to give myself a few days to allow my skin to look a little rough! The results were worth the mild discomfort. 

If you are wondering if you might be a candidate for microneedling, I found this post to be very informative!

Microneedling: The Video

I vlogged my daily process and also filmed a video discussing my experience and my thoughts on microneedling. 

My First Microneedling Experience | What to Expect


  1. John Quincy

    July 11th, 2019 at 4:11 pm

    Thanks for sharing your experience on microneedling treatment. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Go mishra

    January 9th, 2020 at 12:38 am

    Can we get the result with in one month

  3. Sarah

    January 25th, 2020 at 3:12 am

    I also did microneedling without PRP. Did your acne scars improve after the treatment?

  4. Morgan Parlett

    January 27th, 2020 at 4:14 pm

    I found that my scars did improve over time. I had 4 treatments in total and saw a good amount of improvement. The last treatment I had, I chose to do PRP with it and I can say that having the PRP helped to shorten the recovery time. I hope that helps!

  5. Kate Hendrick

    August 17th, 2020 at 11:04 am

    What a great transformation for microneedling procedure. Thanks for sharing.

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