March 31, 2018


The first quarter of 2018 is quickly coming to a close and March has been such a big month for Timeless Taste. I usually share my monthly favorites on my Youtube channel, but lately, I have been thinking that this post might do better on my blog. This month I am sharing my March Favorites and to be honest, I have really been looking forward to this post.

It’s so exciting for me to have the opportunity to talk about all of the products, articles, books, recipes and even more, that I have been loving. What I love so much about these posts is that not only do I have the opportunity to reflect on my favorites, but I get to hear from you about your favorites too! If you have the time and are willing to share, I would love for you to leave a note in the comments and share your March Favorites with me!


March Favorites 

March Favorites 2018

Levis Distressed Denim

I have spoken so much about this pair of Levis that you are probably tired of hearing about them, but they are just so good! If you love distressed denim, you have to get these. They are only $98, which is truly a steal and they are just so classic. I love that the waist is a little bit higher and the coloring is perfect for slaying the distressed denim look. I will definitely be getting some more Levis!

Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial

This “Babyfacial” product from Drunk Elephant has changed my skin drastically in the past month. I have still been battling hormonal acne, which makes it more important than ever to focus on focus on the tone and texture of my skin. Acne can leave your skin discolored and the texture in poor condition. Combine that with active breakouts and your face looks like a bumpy aggravated mess. The acid in the product helps to gently exfoliate the skin to help create a smoother texture, while other ingredients, such as chickpea flour, helps to improve discoloration. 

At first, you can definitely feel the acid and enzymes working. The first time I used this mask, I thought “How on earth am I going to be able to keep this on for 20 minutes?!” But the time began to pass and the way my skin felt, and looked, after removing this product made the slight discomfort worth it. I have noticed the color of my skin to slowly be becoming more even and less red and splotchy. I do believe this also helps to clear up any active acne spots. 

If you are looking to improve the texture and complexion of your skin, please give this product a try. It’s rare that I come across something that I can actually see the instant results. This is one of those products! Read more about it here.

Tom Ford Illuminating Primer

I have been using this primer for about a month and have really been loving it! It makes my skin appearing glowy without looking oily or greasy. It also helps to keep my foundation, or CC Cream, in place. Becuase this is an illuminating primer, it helps to blur imperfections and large pores, while adding a subtle glow to the skin. This is definitely a must try for Spring. 

Tom Ford Cream Eyeshadow

You already know my obsession and love from Tom Ford cream eyeshadows, however this month I am bringing a new color into the mix. Say hello to Opale! The Tom Ford Cream Eyeshadow in the color Opale has become a new staple in my makeup collection. With the amazing lasting qualities and easily blendable consistency of Tom Ford Cream Eyeshadows and the beautiful pearlescent pigment of the color, this product is sure to be a must-have in your collection too. 

Essie Ballet Slippers

I get a few frequently asked questions, about products, across my social media channels. How do I curl my hair? What lipstick am I wearing? And what color is my nail polish? For basically the entirety of 2018, I have been wearing Essie Ballet Slippers. I purchased this color years ago and it never seemed to paint very well. I believe they must have reformulated this color. Either way, I apply my Mavala Base coat and Nail Shield before applying two coats of this color. It’s a beautiful light pink that goes perfectly with everything and is so natural. I apply this top coat and call it a day! 

If you use regular nail polish but have poor nails, like me, you have to give the Mavala line a try! It is so good and the Nail Shield makes my nails so strong, that way my polish is able to last almost a week!

Cultivate by Lara Casey

I have been working my way through quite a few books lately. This month I read Cultivate by Lara Casey. This book was such an inspiration for living in the present moment, with what you have. I often get impatient with Gods timing and forget to remember all that he does for me. This book is such a good reminder to stay in the present and cultivate your life.

Top Performing Posts

In addition to my favorite products, I thought it would be fun to share the posts you loved the most this month, as well as products and other items you loved, based on my analytics! I have to be honest, for this month’s March Favorites, the analytics are only taken from the past two weeks, because my Google Analytics were down during the launch of the new site. However, I think they stand for the month and next month will be even more accurate! Here were the top posts from the month.

Top Performing Products

These are the products that you purchased most this most, based on my analytics! They are favorites for Timeless Taste readers, so if you have checked them out yet, you might want to!

I hope that you have enjoyed taking a peek at my March Favorites and if you did, be sure to let me know so I can do them every month! You can also sign up for my weekly emails here, to get a smaller version of this with more referred posts! I hope you have a great Easter with your family and a great start to April! I will see you back here on Monday.

Some photos by Tiffany Sigmon

March Favorites


  1. Kelly S

    April 2nd, 2018 at 7:41 pm

    Yay for March Favs!!!!!! A great list.

  2. Morgan Reed

    April 8th, 2018 at 1:54 pm

    Thank you so much, Kelly! I’m glad you enjoyed the post! Can’t wait to share more soon! 💕

  3. Monica

    April 3rd, 2018 at 10:11 pm

    Love to see your favorites! Drunk elephant facial and Tom ford primer are my favorites too!!!

  4. Morgan Reed

    April 8th, 2018 at 1:55 pm

    Thank you, Monica! Those products are so great!! I would love to try more products from Drunk Elephant! Have you tried any of their other products? Thank you 💕

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