November 18, 2014


 It seems as if everyone around the global has seen snow already this season and I am obsessing over their Instagram pics and their fab accessories and fashion! In VA it is currently 60 degrees and rainy, therefore my attire consists bean boots, a light sweater, jeans and a rain jacket! Meanwhile, I am envisioning a New York City working girl’s fashion today! The collage I put together, on my trusty Polyvore account, was inspired by that fabulous girl.

If you know me personally, or have read my blog for anytime, you know that I am a neutral gal and a lover of the color black. When I was little I would not and I mean would NOT  wear black. I mean like not even a black T-shirt. My mom would always tell me, “black is flattering, why won’t you wear it”? The usual response was that black was simply made to be worn at funeral’s and that is it. However, these day’s black is included in my wardrobe all-the-time. This example is not the only time my mother has been right. In fact, the woman know’s me better than myself 98% of the time   I feel like black is a safe, professional and fashionable color. It goes with everything and is easy to style!

What is your favorite fashion color?


Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

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