March 28, 2016


Lady in Pink | | #saintlaurent #sacdejour #pinkLady in Pink | | #saintlaurent #sacdejour #pinkLady in Pink | | #saintlaurent #sacdejour #pink #davidyurmanLady in Pink | | #saintlaurent #sacdejour #pink #davidyurmanLady in Pink | | #saintlaurent #sacdejour #pinkLady in Pink | | #saintlaurent #sacdejour #pinkLady in Pink | | #saintlaurent #sacdejour #pink #davidyurman #christianlouboutinLady in Pink | | #saintlaurent #sacdejour #pink #davidyurman #christianlouboutin

Sweater: Loft [similar] | Jeans: J.Brand | Shoes: Christian Louboutin 

Bag: Saint Laurent | Bracelets: David Yurman [see widget below] |Earrings: David Yurman

Necklace: Rocksbox you can get your first month free by using the code “timelesstasteblogxoxo


The Monday after a holiday weekend is always punishing. Although I am tired this morning, I am feeling extra grateful. I was blessed to spend Easter with almost my entire family. I had both of my siblings in the house at the same time, which hasn’t happened in many years. We attended Easter service in our new church, which is such an amazing blessing in itself, just had an overall wonderful weekend. It’s amazing the presence God has shown in my life lately, I’m truly amazed at his love and grace. Amidst hardships, stress, and sickness, he always shines through showing me the true meaning of life- love and family, for all of which I am forever thankful. 


I must say that lately I have been thankful for the color pink, and curious of my latest addiction with it! During a conversation the other day, I told Jay, “I think I’m going to have to throw away this sweater. I’m wearing it too much!” Do you ever have that pic e of clothing [or maybe multiple pieces of clothing] that you just keep continuing to reach for? I do that way too often and lately I have felt that an outfit isn’t complete unless there is something pink in it! I just can’t get enough pink! 


Also, you must most likely be seeing more, and more, photos of these white jeans! I have been basically living in them- when they are clean. They are seriously a dream! They are so comfortable, they go with everything, and are perfect for warm weather and cooler days!

 I hope that you are easing back into your workflow today, with warmth from this wonderful holiday weekend in your heart! Happy Monday!




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Lady in Pink

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