December 8, 2014


Happy Monday Y’all!
Today I thought I would take a break from the Holiday Gift Guides and to a roundup of some of my recent and favorite Instagram posts! This is just a little recap of some things I have been loving, cute shots and what I have been doing lately!
Worm is always so cute and of course he loves Tory Buch too!


With the end of the semester approaching ( I am currently procrastinating studying for my Intro to Public Policy final) procrastination, Pinterest and coffee have been staples in my everyday routine!
What is your favorite way to procrastinate?


With stressful exam and presentations, Jay is always able to make me feel special, important and a little more sane! I love you Jay <3 Thank you for always making me feel so blessed!



I am a stress eater, big time.  Cheeseburgers are my favorite!

Lastly, my mom gave me this awesome set of braids (and buns) a few weeks ago and I totally adore them! I find my self staring at this picture often! If you would like to see a tutorial on this, let me know!
I hope you are having a great start to the week!


Instagram Vol. 1

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