January 4, 2017


How to Reflect on 2016 To Help Prepare for 2017
As I have grown older, I have realized the importance of taking time to reflect on the year prior, in order to prepare for the upcoming new year. I definitely get all bubbly on the inside thinking about  a new year and more opportunities to start fresh. In order to really push forward in the new year, I have to take time to reflect on the prior year and the trials and treasures that it brought along with it. Not only does it help me set better goals, and focus on true intentions, but it also brings me into reality and shows me just how amazingly awesome my life is! I am so blessed to have such an amazing family, hubby, puppy and friends. Although this little blog is not a big time deal, I believe that one day it will grow into something more fabulous than it already is. And I just can’t say thank you enough to you for your support! You have supported me throughout this journey, whether you are a new reader or have followed along since this little place was ‘TheMissMorganLife.’ I can’t say thank you enough!
With the New Year upon us, I wanted to share with you some ways that I that you can reflect on 2016 to help prepare for 2017. I have created this post, as well as a FREE WORKSHEET DOWNLOAD that is available at the bottom of this post, to help create guidelines that I know will be helpful when planning for the New Year. While this post is dedicated to the turning of the year, and all of the glory that it holds, I want to take a second to say that it doesn’t only apply to the New Year. Maybe you are reading this post in July of 2017, or mid-march, whatever time of the year it is, just know it is never to late to take a second and reflect on your life and business. The wrong timing would be waiting around for the right timing! So whenever you are in need of a refresh, take the time to go through these questions by yourself, or with a friend. I truly believe that you can really benefit form them, I know I did!

 Take a few minutes to reflect on 2016…

How did you do with the goals that you set for 2016? Did you accomplish them? If so, did you excel in any particular areas? Which ones? Did you not meet all of the goals? Which ones did you miss? Maybe your mindset shifted to something else… How did that effect your other goals?


What goals did you not reach? What were your failures?

In a not so ‘Debbie Downer’ way, I want to address the goals that you didn’t meet first, or any major failure you might have had in 2016. I have always found that we can learn so much from failure. It’s not fun to think about or experience failure, but failure itself is inevitable and necessary in life. It can also give us great insight into areas in which we need to work harder in, learn more in, or just focus on all together. 
A few questions you can ask yourself are:
  • Why did you not succeed?
  • Were you specific enough in your goal setting?
  • Did you strategically plan how to reach some of those goals? Did you have a clear path to success?
  • Maybe you are still on your way to reach that goal? Can you step up your game?
Taking time to reflect on our failures, and the goals we didn’t meet, can really help us to improve our success rate in the future. I have learned so much from my failures and have somehow learned to appreciate them. I try to use them to help other people along the same path and help to keep them from making the same mistakes I have. Do good with your failure, its a true learning experience. 
Think about how can you turn your failure into success…

What goals did you achieve this year? 

Now let’s take a few minutes to think about what we did good this year. It’s amazing when you set great goals for yourself and reach them! I’m so happy for you and I know that they are all well deserved. Reaching a goal is a major accomplish, but sometimes we might think “so what’s next?” I have often found emptier after achieving a goal, than on my way to success. College graduation, for example. I can’t be the only one thinking… “Ok, so I graduated college. I thought it would feel different?” All of that time studying and now its just over? Try to really think hard about what you excelled in this year. Did you reach a goal because you did particularly well with one thing? Maybe you gained 1k or 2k Instagram followers. Were you just awesome, or did you really take the time to communicate and connect with new potential clients? What strengths do you have and how can you use those as an advantage to counteract your weakness?
A few questions to ask yourself are:
  • What did you excel in? 
  • Did you intentionally meet a goal, or did you fall into an area where you excelled unexpectedly? 
    • Has this shifted the way you view your other goals?
    • What can you continue to do to reach new goals? 
  • What areas of your life, or business, are rapidly evolving?
    • How do you plan on keeping up with them?

 What do you hope to accomplish in 2017?

Now to the really fun stuff! What are your goals for 2017? I really enjoyed reflecting on my goals from last year, to help me really hone in on what I want to accomplish in 2017. Is there anything you didn’t quite finish in 2016, that you are carrying over into the New Year? How are you going to ensure that you excel in that area in 2017? Take time to write out your goals and be sure place them somewhere that you will see them daily. Put them in your agenda, or pin them up on your office bulletin board. When I keep things in front of me, I am more likely to continue to pursue them with all of my power. 
A few questions to ask yourself are:
  • What do I want out of the New Year? What am I hoping to accomplish?
  • Think about your personal goals, your business goals, your financial goals, religious goals…etc.,
  • What are specific ways that your can ensure you accomplish these goals? HAVE.A.PLAN
  • Do you need to included other people in your goals to help hold you accountable, or to help you brainstorm throughout your process? 

Celebrate Victories + Failures  

Sometimes we overlook all of our accomplishments and the things we improved on in our lives. We are so busy working hard, to get ahead, that we forget to stop and take a second to realize all that we are actually accomplishing. Celebrating your victories, accomplishments and every goal reached is essential to actually being successful! Take time to reward yourself for all of your accomplishments in the the prior year and remind yourself to celebrate in the upcoming year. Don’t beat yourself up over things that weren’t successful. Instead, use that time to recover and learn from your failures. Analyze them and take time to pull them apart, to see how you can do better in the future. Most of all, take the time each day to love yourself, even when things get hard. Love yourself when you are doing well, love yourself when your aren’t doing well. 

I know that 2017 will be an absolutely amazing year for you! Over the month of January, I have a few more goal oriented posts planned for Timeless Taste.  I hope that you find this post help helpful

I have created an awesome worksheet, that I know you will find very helpful when reflecting on 2016 and planning out your 2017! Be sure to sign up here to get the free download


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What was your biggest accomplishment of 2016?



How to Reflect on 2016 To Help Prepare for 2017

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