November 29, 2017


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Not Your Average Hostess Gifts

Holidays are for parties and laughter, and of course, it’s always polite to bring hostess gift! I have seen so many hostess gifts and gift guides, published already this year and in order to make mine a little bit different, I wanted to get really specific! It’s easy to throw up an inspiration board, which I totally love those, sharing hostess gifts and other things. However, this year I felt the need to dive a bit deeper and get specific!

Hostessing is one of my favorite things. I have always admired Ina Garten and her ability to make entertaining so elegant, enjoyable and still so simple and down to earth. When selecting the perfect hostess gifts to share with you, I wanted to give some practical and hopefully inciteful advice. Now I don’t always have all of these around, but in the scenario, these were all items I found around my house that I use and love.

Not Your Average Hostess GiftsNot Your Average Hostess Gifts

Before we dive into each gift idea I want to make abroad statement, to really set the tone for these gifts.

You don’t need to give all of these or multiple things. In fact, just one small gift is best. Remember quality over quantity!

Don’t push yourself to spend a fortune and remember that quality is better than quantity.  I think sometimes we get so wrapped up in feeling that our gift is not “good enough” or “expensive enough” that we see right past how great our gift is. Think to yourself, ” Would I rather have this gift or a basket full of things I probably won’t use?” If you would be excited to receive this item, chances are your hostess will be too!

Hostess Gifts


Now, I just said the quality over quantity statement and how you should bring a huge basket filled with things. However, I want to chat about the basket first, in case you are using this as inspiration for a large gift idea. Maybe for a client or extended friend or family member. Baskets, or whatever you are using as your gift bag, are such a great opportunity to make things more functional. Ths basket, for example, I picked up at T.J. Maxx! I will link a few similar ones down below and this one is just about identical. Head to Homegoods, Marshalls or T.J.Maxx for baskets! They have great, functional, selections for a cheaper price point. I love that this one has handles so it’s easier to carry and I will personally reuse this for storing things in my closets, pantry, filling it with magazines or wash clothes and towels. There are so many uses for baskets, so make sure you pick one that is pretty and functional. Not just a gift basket!


Matches are a guilty pleasure for me. Whenever we travel I always bring home matches from hotels, restaurants and so on. I have a little container filled with my favorite small boxes and match pouches. They are so fun and make a great addition to any side or coffee table. I adore these in the bottle and have these on our table beside our sofa. They make such a beautiful statement and make a great gift as well. I have found the HomArt makes the best boxed matches. You can find these in your local gift shops. I love how beautiful their packaging is, the matches have long handles which makes for easier use and they are just so beautiful on display, while still being functional. 

Williams Sonoma Kitchen Towels

I told you this was going to be specific-haha! I had to mention Williams Sonoma kitchen towels because they are probably one of the most used items in my kitchen. They have a variety of colors and textures and they are truly exceptional. I love that they dry my dishes well, I can display them on my oven or just have them handy in the kitchen for cleaning up spills and my hands! These amazing towels come wrapped beautifully with a simple white ribbon from Williams Sonoma making them an even easier gift idea! You could also unwrap them and roll them up yourself or tie them around a bottle of wine. 


Candles are also a guilty pleasure of mine, but I ahve to say that nothing compares to a nice quality candle. This one from Diptyque is my newest favorite and I totally understand that this a pricey gift, so I will link a favorite alternative down below. However, if you are going to spend more on a hostess gift, I promise you or your recipient will not be disappointed with this. You could bundle together some chic matches with your favorite candle. That would be a dream gift!

Cocktail Napkins

I seriously have a drawer so full of cocktail napkins that it will barely shut! I am such a sucker for a good cocktail napkin and think they make one of the perfect hostess gifts. Usually, they are less than $8 for a nice set of paper cocktail napkins. Your hostess can use them at her next party or pull time right out that night. I also really love these cloth napkins from South of Libby! Christine just launched her new site and it’s beautiful. I want to pick up some of her beautiful napkins for our home!

Kitchen Utensils

Forgive me for continuing to bring up Williams Sonoma, but if you have followed this blog for any amount of time, you probably already know that it’s one of my favorite stores! Especially during the holidays, Williams Sonoma is really a great stop to find anyone a gift. These wooden spoons are high up on my list of favorite things and they make the perfect gift! You could also put together a little wine opening set, to go with a bottle of wine. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law gifted us this wine opener and this foil cutter and I truly don’t think they make a nicer one. That’s coming from the girl who has never been good at opening a bottle of wine. I’m confident with this in hand!

Virginia Cocktail Peanuts (and Other Food Items)

These Virginia Cocktail Peanuts are so delicious that it’s only fair for me to share them with you! If you like gifting food items but are tired of cheap looking labels and unknown tastes, you have to try these. My mom (of course, every good story starts with my mom) was the one to find these and ever since our family has been hooked! They are so decadent and the packaging is even more beautiful. These definitely make a classy gift and look beautiful out on your coffee table as a little treat snack. P.S. The dark chocolate is my favorite!

Magazine or Book

I love flipping through a beautiful magazine and Veranda is definitely one of my favorites. If you are creating a gift basket, throw in one of your favorite magazines, or a coffee table or cookbook, that your hostess might not treat herself to on the regular. Some of my favorites are Veranda, Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Harpers Bazaar, and Vogue!


I put this last on the list because I feel that wine is a little basic, but it’s still one of the best hostess gifts out there. Although it seems too simple, I’ve never received a bottle of wine I didn’t enjoy. Keep a few extra bottles of your favorite wine on hand so you can just grab them and go! World Market always has the best selection and deals on wine!

I hope that you have enjoyed this post and found a few ideas for your holiday hostess gifts this year! There are so many wonderful gifts that you can give, but I wanted to show a variety things to be different than what you can find on other blogs this year. If you have any questions or ideas, please leave them in a comment below! See my other entertaining posts here, for more inspiration!

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Not Your Average Hostess Gifts

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