September 19, 2016

The Home

Home Series: Working on Interior Surfaces | | #HomeBuild #HomeConstruction #InteriorSurfaces

Slowly, but surely, things are shaping up at our house! This post is long overdue, it has been quite a while since my last home post. I have been planning on sharing these updates with you for a couple of weeks! I have decided to focus on interior surfaces for this post, because that is mostly what we have been working on lately. 

I’m so excited, but truthfully Jay, and I, are a little more exhausted these days. After making so many decisions, having hold ups, mess ups and just trying to make this house beautiful and well thought out, we are just running out of juice. I’m sure that is to be expected, we just need to push through this last small, but significant stretch that we have left. The past two months we have spent our time working on the interior surfaces of our home. Trim, floors, walls, tile and more. I feel like each phase brings a new element of “home” to this house. I’m so anxious to see the finished product, it feels like we are so close, but yet still so far away. The interior surfaces of the home have been some of the most fun, but also stressful of all. I’m excited to share with you the updates we have and how we made our decisions!

Interior Surfaces

Home Series: Working on Interior Surfaces | | #HomeBuild #HomeConstruction #InteriorSurfaces

Herringbone Entry Floor

This is not the best picture, but all I can say is “WOW!” We decided to have the floor in our entry way be laid in a herringbone pattern and I couldn’t be more thankful that we did. Originally, I thought we might do a black and white marble, or another marble or tile. However, after a little thought and a lot of Pinteresting I fell in love with herringbone and knew I wanted to incorporate it into our house. At first, I wasn’t sure where I wanted to use the herringbone. We decided that although the black and white marble is stunning, (my mom’s foyer is done like that), it was just a little to fancy for the feel we are going for. Thats when I knew that the herringbone would be a perfect match! As with most things that aren’t standard, I always worry myself that I won’t like it, or that it was a bad idea. There herringbone was neither. It is unique, and striking, but not over the top. I’m thankful we decided to go for it!

Home Series: Working on Interior Surfaces | | #HomeBuild #HomeConstruction #InteriorSurfacesHome Series: Working on Interior Surfaces | | #HomeBuild #HomeConstruction #InteriorSurfacesHome Series: Working on Interior Surfaces | | #HomeBuild #HomeConstruction #InteriorSurfaces

Marble Tile 

If I had to describe the main themes of the interior surfaces of our house, I would say that they are Carrara marble, satin/antique brass and herringbone (I talked more about that here). I saw a picture online of Emily Jackson’s master bath and fell instantly in love with the way she tiled all the way up the walls, surrounding her tub. This was another way I pushed my comfort zone. Tiling all of these walls seemed like a little much, and it definitely is, but it isn’t too much-it is just right! We still have to tile the master shower and kitchen backsplash (which may come later), but all of our floors and the upstairs showers complete!

Home Series: Working on Interior Surfaces | | #HomeBuild #HomeConstruction #InteriorSurfaceshome-series-interior-surfaces-8


I just love, love, love the first picture above! Trim is another trade that really brought this house to life, especially in our keeping room (shown above). I think that large crown, and base, really makes a difference. Skipping on crown, leaves out an important and very detailed part of a home.I hope one day to add some additional wainscoting, because let’s be real-I just can’t get enough! But for right now, we are just focusing on the essentials. Once our countertops are finished, they will be able to complete the mantle and around the fireplaces. We also need to finish our stairs and banisters. Hopefully, those things will be completed within the next two weeks. 

Home Series: Working on Interior Surfaces | | #HomeBuild #HomeConstruction #InteriorSurfacesHome Series: Working on Interior Surfaces | | #HomeBuild #HomeConstruction #InteriorSurfaces


Our cabinets are finished and have been installed. There are still a few details being completed (hardware, pull out drawers in the the pantry, and more) but for the most part, everything is getting close! I can’t wait to show you the hardware we selected. I have definitely over analyzed those little details, because I feel like they really make or break your space, so I want them to be perfect. More to come on those later…

Home Series: Working on Interior Surfaces | | #HomeBuild #HomeConstruction #InteriorSurfacesHome Series: Working on Interior Surfaces | | #HomeBuild #HomeConstruction #InteriorSurfaces

Interior Doors & Paint

Our interior doors have been painted and hung. The 5 panel door, leading into our closet, is my favorite!  We decided to switch things up a little and select different panels for different doors throughout the house. The painters have been painting the doors, trim and walls, and still have a little work left to do. I also need to have the wallpaper for the powder room hung. I can’t wait for you to see that, i’m obsessed with it.

Home Series: Working on Interior Surfaces | | #HomeBuild #HomeConstruction #InteriorSurfaces


The columns have been set on the front and back porch, but still need to be painted. Columns are another detail that is really important. If columns are too small, they can just make the house look cheap, or that something is missing. I love our columns. We had a difficult time deciding if we wanted to do square, or round, columns and decided to go with round. Traditionally, I think square columns are a little more fitting for our style of home. It just seemed like the round column made everything look that more much unique! Which do you like better, square or round columns? 


Our shutters are in and will hopefully be hung next week! They are gorgeous!


Home Series: Working on Interior Surfaces | | #HomeBuild #HomeConstruction #InteriorSurfaces

Garage Doors

The garage doors have been installed and stained since I took this photo. You might recognize it from my Instagram account! I forgot to snap a picture of them the other day when I was shooting the rest of the pictures. As with everything else, I’m also completely smitten with these doors. They were definitely an investment, because they weren’t exactly friendly to our budget, but I think they were perfectly worth every penny!


We still have a few things to do and a lot more decisions to make. Between the wedding, the rest of the house, and buying furniture, we will still have plenty of decisions to make! I decided to make this post a little different than the rest, so I hope you liked it. Let me know what you think! I will also leave a list of things that we still need to do below, like in another posts. Be sure to check out all of my home building posts, here, so that you can get up to speed if this is your first time seeing our home!


What’s Next

Fixtures (Lighting and Plumbing)


Stair Case






Home Series: Working on Interior Surfaces

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