July 14, 2016

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Now that we are finally working more on the cosmetic aspect of our home, my google search box is full of furniture and decor sites! From Circa Lighting to Restoration Hardware, my mind is completely consumed with home decor, home inspiration and design images, and inspiration. Pinterest has by far been my best friend, when it comes to design, but I have also fallen in love with a few interior design blogs. I can totally share those if you are interested!
Today, I wanted to share with you little home inspiration board of a few decor, furniture and lighting pieces that I am drawing inspiration from for our new home! While these are not at all our “final” selections, I thought it would be fun to share the direction of the theme of our home, our color palette and more.


There is no hiding my love for marble!If you follow me on snapchat, my username is “timelesstaste” you would have seen the the remainder of our tile arrived last week! Eeeek, I’m so excited! I’m still debating whether or marble tile in our master bath shower, floor and tub surround, was a good idea.I know that it is going to look absolutely stunning, however I am concerned about etching and staining. We will also be doing marble for our kitchen countertop as as well. I tried and tired to find something similar, but I just love the light grey and white of white Carrara Marble!


For our wall color we decided to stick with one shade throughout the entire house. There’re many reasons for this decision including the fact that I could pick out that many different colors! Haha, truthfully I love having one color all over and we opted for an off white grey tone. We only have our walls primed right now, but I can’t wait to show you the final color when it is finished. Because we love grey, I want to have grey accent pieces to tie everything in together. I think it will keep everything cool, calm and will go great with the marble!

Antique Brass

I went out on a limb and decided to select all of our plumbing fixtures and door hardware in antique brass. So far, I really love the decision. Although it isn’t too traditional, I think is updates polished brass and gives it more of a modern and coastal feel. In addition to antique brass fixtures and hardware, we have selected a few brass and antique brass light fixtures that will continue to help create a bold statement! I can’t wait to share our plumbing fixtures.

My home posts are my most viewed content, so assume that you like these types of posts. If you want to see more home inspiration, please let me know so I can prepare and share more details with you. I spend about 65% of my time thinking, planning and designing our house. So, writing blog post on it are fun, and helpful, for me to organize my thoughts! You can see all of our home post here and any home interior posts here!

Home Inspiration

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