December 7, 2015


Holiday Makeup in 3 Easy Steps| | @TimelessTasteBlog | #TimelessTasteBlog

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Holiday Makeup in 3 Easy Steps| | @TimelessTasteBlog | #TimelessTasteBlog

Makeup can be an easy was to take your holiday look to the next level or even a great way to make a casual look more festive! I have always been a beauty lover and enjoy experimenting with new products. However, I am a firm believer in having a few classic go to looks to have in your pocket, that are guaranteed to be elegant and enhance your natural beauty. For the holidays, I have found my favorite look that I have already worn multiple times that makes me feel put together, glamorous and I have mastered to get it down to only taking me a few short minutes!

Mastering your perfect holiday look makes preparing for events, and holiday functions, not nearly as stressful. Creating my signature holiday look has saved me time and been very rewarding. In order to help you create your classic holiday makeup look, I have simplified the process to 3 Easy Steps to follow that will be sure to provide you with a glamorous look that will continue to be Timeless! Also, all of my favorite makeup products will be linked below!

Holiday Makeup in 3 Easy Steps| | @TimelessTasteBlog | #TimelessTasteBlog

Glowing Skin

Starting out with a clean, and glowing, base is key to any beautiful makeup look. My foundation routine usually does not vary. The only time I really change it up is when the season changes. I like to first start by applying my favorite foundation, concealer, under eye concealer, and setting powder. These have been staples in my makeup routine for over a year and I have used the powder for about 3 years nonstop! I always use my beauty blender to apply my foundation and concelaers with! I like to contour my face with bronzer and blend it out really well. I don’t like to look too bronzy, and I don’t want harsh contour lines, but a combination of both makes for the perfect look. Then I will apply my blush and some highlighter. This is my favorite highlighting powder because it has three shades. To add even more glow to my look, I will apply a little of the darkest shade over my bronzer before I add blush. This creates an amazing base for blush application and makes your cheeks have a natural pink glow!

Holiday Makeup in 3 Easy Steps| | @TimelessTasteBlog | #TimelessTasteBlog

Natural Golden Eyes, with Liner and Lashes

I have always been a lashes and lips girl! Nothing is more romantic [in my opinion] than beautiful, full, dark, wispy lashes. To get that effect, without using false lashes-although I do love false lashes, I use this YSL mascara! It provides body and length and I am over the moon obsessed with it! I have a few all time favorites that I will link in the widget below that are also amazing!

When creating a holiday eye shadow look, I recommend sticking with something natural and golden tones [if you like those of course] and always priming your eyes. I find that a simply controlled eye and gold shimmer shadow takes your effortless beauty to the next level and I just love it! These two palette’s [one, two] have been my go-to shadow combinations for months! I am honestly convinced that if you have these, you don’t need anything else! I use the glitter in this palette to make my eyes sparkle and it just adds a fun touch to any look! As for liner, a simple wing always helps to extend the beauty of your lashes. Just keep it thin, don’t over do it, and you will be fine. Practice makes perfect!

Holiday Makeup in 3 Easy Steps| | @TimelessTasteBlog | #TimelessTasteBlog

 The Perfect Red Lip

Creating the perfect red lip can be troubling. I have struggled with it for many years and often steered clear [like way clear] from red lipstick. That’s until my dad picked out the perfect shade, yes I said my dad. Last year, for Christmas, he gave me Tom Ford Velvet Cherry lipstick for Christmas and I instantly fell in love. If I went to the counter myself, I probably would have never picked it out because it was not the hot, bombshell, red shade, in the tube. However, when you apply it, it becomes the most gorgeous festive red, that I think would look amazing on any skin type. Application is always tricky for an dark, or bright, shade that you can easily notice a smudge or mess up. So, in order to make things easy for you I have made a short list of a few on my tips for applying red lipstick this season!

Moisturize: A little while before you plan on applying your lipstick hydrate your lips with some good chapstick or vaseline. this will improve your application leaving your lip color looking much smoother.

Liner: Lining your lips can easily be over looked, but will provide a great guide for your to stick with, making things a little less stressful.

Use a Brush: Using a brush can make staying in the lines much easier. It also helps to create an even and crisp line around your lips!

There are so many tricks you an use when it comes to makeup, these are just a few of my favorites [and my favorite products]. I love playing with makeup and trying new skincare items, but having a good repertoire of things to fall back on is necessary. Once you master your perfect look, it will make getting ready faster and much less stressful, leaving more time for a pre-party cocktail [or not, lol]!

When it comes to your makeup, I suggest finding what products work for you. They will vary and not everything I recommend will work perfectly for you, it is just what works for me. But, when you find the perfect products for your skin, it will make a world of difference! You will know what works and what doesn’t when you see it!

I hope you found this post helpful and informative!


What are your favorite makeup items for a holiday look?! I would love to know!






Holiday Makeup in 3 Easy Steps

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