November 11, 2015


GG- Hostess

With the Holiday’s approaching faster than ever quickly I wanted to take full advantage of the gift giving season and get a few gift guides up early for y’all! I love everything about the holiday’s, because they are continuous reminder of my many blessings, including my family! I love getting to see loved ones who I don’t see on a daily basis, the twinkling lights, and the laughter that fills the air whenever my family is together. I have truly been so blessed and I am so thankful!

I decided to kick off my gift guide series with one tailored specifically for the holiday hostess because we will all probably be attending holiday parties soon, and it’s always a good idea to bring a small gift for your hostess, or host. I think that etiquette is so important and is easily looked over these days. Bringing a small little something to your hostess is a simple way to thank them for their hospitality and for welcoming you into their home. Here are a few of my favorite things that would make a great Hostess Gift!


I adore Diptyque candles, especial the Vanille scent! They are heavenly and although they are pricey, they last a very long time and provide unique and long lasting scents. I have also hear the Nest candles are great as well.

Entertaining Items

Providing your hostess with a nice kitchen towel, serving tray, cheese knife, or drink ware, are all perfect gifts for those who like to entertain! Even some matches [these are my favorite] are a great touch! Anything that they can use around the house that they may not teat themselves to!

Books and Decor

Shopping for others is often difficult and can make us feel stressed. Cute home decor books and catch all trays make the perfect gift! I cannot list one home design book I have been disappointed with!

A Personalized Gift

Getting too personal never makes for a good gift, but a nice monogram or personalized necklace is a thoughtful gesture! I love these state necklaces from Moon and Lola!

You can shop the items shown above in this widget, as well as some more of my favorites that are not shown!

I hope that you found this post informative and try out one of these gifts for an upcoming holiday party you are attending!

I can’t wait to post more gift guides and I REALLY need to start shopping myself! What is your favorite thing about the Holidays? If you have any gift guide requests, please let me know in a comment or email!


Holiday Gift Guide for The Hostess

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