November 28, 2019


Happy Thanksgiving, friend! I’m so grateful for this holiday but really any holiday that I get to spend with my family and friends. 2019 has been quite the year for Jay and I and I think this year, more than ever, I have so much to be thankful for.

This year, God has blessed our family and me far beyond what we deserve. He has taught me the true meaning of faith and has began teaching me how to lean into my faith, despite a scary reality. He has healed my husband and our little pup. He has also healed my heart and soul in ways I didn’t know were possible.

While my eggs, for my deviled eggs, are boiling, I wanted to write you a quick note. You probably know by now that I’m not great at creating content in advance, although that makes life much easier. (haha) I’m more of an on the spot kind of gal!

Our Most Special Announcement... April 2020
Our Most Special Announcement... April 2020

Thanksgiving Prayer for You

My first prayer for you this Thanksgiving is that you are having a wonderful day spent with those that you love most and that you aren’t reading my blog! Maybe tonight, after ever goes to bed you can read this, or tomorrow when you are shopping your Black Friday sales.

Secondly, I pray that you recognize and feel how loved that you are. I have been blessed with the most supportive and loving family, but knowing God’s love is a far greater feeling. This year he has opened my eyes, touch my heart and showed me things I never dreamt of. Most importantly, he is teaching me how much more grand life is when you are less selfish. When you appreciate others wants, and needs, and not just what you desire. Also, that sometimes when you feel like everything is falling apart, its really falling together and giving you strength and filling your heart with a feeling of love you didn’t know you had.

Nothing is perfect. No family is perfect, no person or plant is perfect, and most importantly, no social media account or persona is perfect. What is perfect is God’s love and the amazing power he has. I know that this time of year, while so wonderful, can also be such a hard time for many people. Stress, worry, sadness are just some of the feelings you could be feeling during this season.

I pray that you feel his love and realize that you more than enough just the way you are. With our flaws and sins, he still loves us.

If I had to give this year one scripture, one that I will forever carry with me as a daily reminder, it would be this.

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

2 Corinthians 12:9

Last year this time, I was full of anxiety over things that don’t matter. A few short months later, 2019 really taught me that. But, most importantly God showed me that his power truly is made perfect in my weakness. For when we are weak, he is strong. I hope this holiday season and every season, you will lean into this scripture. As I reflected on my thoughts from last year, I wanted to share something that I hope will encourage anyone feeling that same way.

My eggs are finished boiling and it’s time to continue cooking, one of my favorite things! Jay is outside collecting leaves on his mower, Diesel is napping on the couch with Christmas music playing in the background, Baby P is bouncing around and my eyes are full of joyful tears because this is my reality.

Happy Thanksgiving my friend! I am so grateful for you, your health and your family! I am sending you a big hug this holiday and I hope that your day is full of laughter and joy!

Photography by Tiffany Sigmon

Happy Thanksgiving!

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