May 27, 2016


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Ring Holder: GLAMboxes [c/o] | Purse Organzier: GLAMboxes [c/o]

 Cupcake Tray: HomeGoods [similar] | Books: Lauren Conrad Beauty, Style, Celebrate

There is no denying just how much I love my GLAMboxes! Post grad, I have been de-cluttering my bedroom, closet, makeup and pretty much my entire life! GLAMboxes are heaven sent when it comes to organization. I’m still trying to figure out how I lived without them?!


I promise you, you don’t want to live without them!


If you are a reader of Timeless Taste, you know that GLAMboxes are not new news around here! But I wanted to share a broader overview, of how I use their products, and share with you their MAJOR SALE going on right now!! GLAMboxes usually does not offer many sales throughout the year, so if their products have been on your wish list, NOW is the time to snatch them up! All makeup GLAMbox orders are 25% OFF, plus you will receive a FREE Lipstick holder AND both color makeup bags, [pink & black], with your purchase how AMAZING is that?! All other products are 25% OFF, but do not receive the additional freebies! I promise you, you don’t want to miss this sale! All you have to do is use the CODE: memorialday2016, at checkout to get these deals! The offer is only valid on the GLAMboxes website and will be through Monday 5/30!


So, now that you know all the deets… we can talk a little bit more about GLAMboxes, how I use mine and why I love them so much!


Over the years, I have tried various dupe products that I picked up at T.J. Maxx, or HomeGoods, that never seem to last. Before purchasing my first GLAMbox, I thought long, and hard, before taking the plunge. Upon arrival, I immediately knew that these products were nothing like the rest. My box is solid, durable and so GLAM! I have struggled finding good makeup storage, that would not only hold all of my products, but not end up looking like a complete wreck after 2 days #makeupdrawerfail. It wasn’t long before I realized just how great of a purchase I had made!


Many months later, I am still completely obsessed with my GLAMbox and probably more in love with it now, then directly after my purchase. Not that I wasn’t in love with it then-I was completely obsessed– but now I know just how durable, and useful, my box is. Plus, if you love pretty packaging, you can easily display it in your box! 


Same goes for their jewelry holders! I have stored my jewelry many different ways over the years, and just never found anything that would display my necklaces, bracelets and rings, in a way that made them easily accessible but still organized and neat. Hello GLAM T-Stands [1, 2]! I can honestly say that I get more wear out of my necklaces, bracelets, rings and makeup now, then I ever could have imagined I would before I owned these GLAMproducts! The holders are made of high quality Lucite acrylic that allows me to display, and store, all of my pieces/products, without making my pieces feel stuffy [i.e., Jewelry Boxes]. My collection is not overwhelmingly large, but it now looks so chic on any dresser top or vanity! The GLAM makeup bags are phenomenal, as well! They hold SO much and are perfect for travel, because they are clear. 


I honestly love every GLAM product I own and can’t wait to fill our new master bath and walk in closet at the #futureparlettresidence with GLAM products! If you are thinking of investing in a GLAMbox now is the time, with this great discount-which only happens a couple times a year! I would highly recommend any GLAMbox products to anyone! Not only can you store and organize your products/pieces better, but also I find myself actually using what I own and get more wear out of my purchases. I basically cannot live without my GLAM products! 


If you would like to read more about each product, I have written other posts on GLAMboxes here:

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GLAMboxes Sale!

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