December 12, 2018

The Home

Now that Jay and I have our own house, I say that like we just moved in (haha), I really love receiving gifts for the home. Whether you are gifting for a friend, relative, or host, giving gifts for the home can be a great way to treat someone without being too personal. For my “home” gift guide this year, I rounded up a few of our personal favorites, including items we own, as well as a few pretty additions! 

Gifts For The Home

The image below is shoppable! Just click on the item you are interested in to see more!

Candles + Accessories

One of my favorite gifts, or things to buy, is a really great candle. I love burning candles in our home and Diptyque candles are my favorite. They are definitely more expensive, but they burn so much longer than the average candle. If you know a candle lover, they would probably love some beautiful matches or a candle wick trimmer.


I love books so naturally, I had to include a few books! Coffee table books make beautiful gifts as do cookbooks and novels, if you what is on there wishlist! Here are a few of my personal favorite books. If you love dogs, and beautiful coffee table books, this is a must!

Picture Frames

Nothing is more special than a beautifully framed photo. Printing out a great photo and placing it in a nice frame, really makes for a great gift! 


This is obviously a very big gift. But, if you know any newlyweds or anyone who just moved into a house, they would probably appreciate a small amount of money directed towards a furniture purchase!

Pillows + Throws

I’m a decorative pillow girl, so of course, I had to include this beautiful pillow. I love the Little Design Co. I have leopard print pillows from them and adore them! I might add some of these to our bed in our master bedroom! Throw blankets or big comforters make a great gift, depending on who you are buying for!

Dyson Animal Vaccum 

This is probably the least pretty item on the list. However, I couldn’t forget the Dyson Animal Vaccum. We recently purchased this and it has completely changed my cleaning routine. It’s so easy and effective. A complete game changer!

Trays + Accessories 

Lastly, I love a good tray and they are so versatile. You can display them on your coffee table, ottoman, bedside table, etc. You name it! I like stacking things like books on mine or placing a beautiful candle and a bud vase. I constantly move my trays around and use them to decorate. Little accessories pair perfectly on trays!


I hope you enjoyed this post and find it helpful when gift shopping! We a few of these items and love them! This planter was such a great purchase, it is made so well! If you have any questions, please just let me know! 

Gifts For The Home

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