November 12, 2019


When I asked what types of Gift Guides you were hoping to see from me, one of the most highly requested ones was a Gift Guide for Your Pup! Diesel is obviously the center of our world and we love treating him with new toys, beds, treats, and other fun things on Christmas!

I was so excited to see that a Gift Guide for Your Pup was so requested because it truly excites me! For this guide, I compiled so of the cutest finds with some of our trusted favorites! This is at the top of my shopping list for him. I am so fascinated with it!

Gift Guide for Your Pup

Diesel’s Favorites

When the weather gets cold, in Virginia, I love strapping Diesel into his Orvis Coat! He looks so dapper and it keeps his little short haired booty warm! I couldn’t recommend this leash more. Diesel loves to run and whenever I walk him, in the yard, I always let him run back to the garage dragging his leash. He has had this one for over a year and it’s in perfect condition! In the past, he would always go through so many leashes because he loves to bite them. He would prefer to walk himself! He is a big fan of the ZippyPaws toys too!

Lastly, I wanted to briefly point out this bed. He actually has TWO of these beds. One in our master bedroom and one out in the keeping room. He loves them so much and I feel good about the quality of this bed. Sometimes, cheap dog beds aren’t supportive enough. Especially now that our little baby is getting a little older, I want to make sure his bones and joints are supported when he lays on his beds. Our family has owned several of these and I would highly recommend them to you!

Click on the images below to shop these items!

I hope you enjoyed this Gift Guide for Your Pup! What is your pups name?! Let me know in a comment!

Image by Tiffany Sigmon

Gift Guide for Your Pup

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