December 18, 2017


Shopping for your husband or dad, can be a fun but daunting task! I have gotten a few questions about what I get Jay for Christmas, so I wanted to put together a gift guide for your husband, to help you do some last minute shopping! The photo above is shoppable! Simply hover over each item to click and shop!

For the most part, I usually just buy Jay clothes (boring, I know) with the occasional special gift. The hard part is that Jay doesn’t have a ton of hobbies and really does love clothes. Every now, and then, he will find something that he wants, but I usually just try to spoil him with nice clothes and designer accessories! Who doesn’t love that?

When putting this together this Gift Guide for him, I added in everything that I have bought Jay in the past that he loves. I didn’t want to add things that I purchased him this year because I was afraid he would take a peek! So if you are in need of more ideas, that aren’t shown, or ahve any questions feel free to shoot me an email here

Jay’s Favorite Gift Ideas for Him

Puffer Coat

This was also one of those gifts I was unsure of, at first. Prior to this, Jay had a dress coat and Carhartt coat, which are definitely warm. However, whenever we went out and he didn’t want to look like he was working or going to a fancy event, he didn’t really have a good heavy coat to wear. We picked this one out which is amazing. This puffer coat, from Burberry, has sleeves that zip off so you can wear this as a vest or a coat. I think this is such a great gift because it’s like two in one!


Jay loves AG Jeans. My favorite pair of jeans on him are these ones


A couple of years ago I bought Jay this Burberry Pullover because I really didn’t know what to get him. He has worn this so much over the past few years. He wears it when he is dressing up, he wears it with jeans and these drivers, and on top of it all, he looks so handsome in it! He has the black color


I picked these Gucci Drivers up for Jay last year and he has been able to wear them all year long. They are a bit expensive but he has worn them quite a bit and they still look brand new. They are also versatile as well. They can go with shorts in the summer, jeans or even with a more dressy look. 

Bleu Cologne

This cologne from Chanel is Jay’s favorite! It’s a little heavy, but he loves it. This would be the perfect gift for any men in your life. 


These The Rail T-shirts from Nordstrom are the best buy! You can find them in all sorts of cuts. Short sleeve, long sleeve, v-neck, crew neck and so much more! 

Brown Leather Wallet

I also gifted Jay a similar Gucci wallet a few years ago and he carries it every day! He has another, Louis Vuitton Wallet, that he loves as well. Both make great gifts! I find that the brown leather Gucci one is a little more subtle and great for everyday wear. Especially, if your man is in construction or something of that nature. This one is durable!


Maybe it’s just Jay, but he loves a good pair of sunglasses! I just bought him these for his birthday this year when we were in Palm Beach. He always looks so handsome with a cute pair of sunglasses on. Who says men can’t love design shades too?!


Last year, for Christmas, I gifted Jay this razor with this aftershave, and he loves them. Prior to this, Jay always picked up his razors and things at the drug store, which is totally fine! But, having a nicer one was a fun treat and I think he really enjoys it!

I hope that you found this post helpful! I’m so sorry that it’s so last minute, but so many retailers are offering great sales and fast shipping!

Have you finished your Christmas Shopping yet?!

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  1. Laura Harrison

    December 23rd, 2017 at 8:54 pm

    Great to see Jay’s favorites! Both my husband and son are receiving a leather LV wallet and Bleu cologn???? Both Classic men and classic gifts, I just knew Jay was one too❤️ Merry Christmas to y’all and your families, with love from Maine!

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