December 1, 2016


Gift Guide For Her Under $150

Watches 1, 2 | Sunglasses | Nail Polish | Hat

Top | Cosmetic Pouch | Sneakers | Monogram Necklace | Gloves

Jeans | Earrings | Card Holder 

Lipstick | Handbag under $60! | Boots

Can you believe it?! It’s officially December 1st and Christmas is only 24 days away! I don’t know about you, but I am already so behind on both my decorating and shopping, but think I have already hit my maximum sugar consumption for the month in the past several days! I seriously need to stare eating healthier!


Either way,  the holiday season is here  and I am determined to make it a great one (which is my excuse for ordering too many “red” items for myself on Black Friday!) With Jay and I just moving into our new home, and just getting married, our bank accounts and savings have shrunk tremendously over the past year. Leaving us with a long home shopping list, a long christmas shopping list and the smallest amount of money in my bank account that I have ever seen.


Hello adulthood, I do not like you!


So, if you are on a budget this year too, today’s post will be great for you! This gift guide is design for shopping for all of those special ladies with less than $150. Now I know that seems a little expensive still, however these could be main presents! They are all name brand and would last many years in her closet! Whether the perfect set of gloves are on her list, a card holder or these boots that obviously I’m obsessed with, you are sure to find a great gift option here! I hope you find something to take off of your shopping list. Be sure to let me know!


What are your tips for staying in budget when shopping for Christmas?


Gift Guide For her Under $150

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