June 9, 2015


 Dad’s are the best. Growing up, my dad was always the one with the rules. He made sure my homework was done, that I was nice to others, that I put my best into everything I did and everything thing else that I can’t ever thank him enough for. As I have gotten older, I can see that my dad has faith in me to be my best and that is only because I have had him in my life! He believes in me and supports me in whatever I do. That doesn’t mean we don’t butt heads, lol. I am most like him, which means I am hot headed, Type A, but we do everything in life with the most effort and emotion. We love hard, get  disappointed easily and get mad when others don’t put forth there best effort. 
My dad always pushed me, sometimes it seemed too far, to go above and beyond what I ever thought I was possible of. Most of the time I thought he was just trying to be mean, or the teenage self thought that he was out to ruin my life [haha], but now I can see why he did just that. He has made me stronger and more self reliant than I could have ever been myself.
Now that you have gotten to know a little bit more about my dad, and myself lol, I wanted to share a few ideas for Father’s Day gifts! I think I forgot to mention how hard headed my dad is. He always insists that I don’t buy him anything, for Christmas-Father’s Day-or even his birthday, and won’t give away any ideas of what he wants. I’m sure he isn’t the only stubborn dad out there. So here are a few safe options!
T-shirts are always good and so are gift cards! My dad doesn’t dress up that often, he care basically where whatever he wants to work, but for dad’s that do that to dress up a tie or even a nice pair of loafers would be great. I also use cologne as a “go-to” and if he likes to grill, my dad may possibly be afraid of fire, a grill set always makes a nice gift!
The options are endless and I’m sure your dad will be thankful for whatever you get him! 
What are you most thankful for your father for?

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Gift Guide: Father’s Day


  1. Carmen Ellis

    June 10th, 2015 at 1:48 pm

    My dad is the exact same way. He never wants anything on special holidays, but I feel that it is neccessary to give gifts! He is definitely a griller so I will be getting him a gift along those lines! These are great picks Morgan!

    Carmen Renee

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