February 10, 2017


It has been quite a while since I shared a Friday Five post, simply because I decided to cut them out of my  content schedule. I wanted to bring resourceful content three days a week and I really strive to do so. The Friday Five post always seemed very on the fly, because it really is. Just because this isn’t a ground breaking, (it could be) life changing post, doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of making an appearance every so often. I love sitting down, during my heart out and getting personal in posts, especially like this one. It’s what I love to do. Even though every post doesn’t need to be that way, there is definitely a place for these Friday Five posts in Timeless Taste newsfeed. I am hoping to work these back in more often. what do you think? 

Today I am sharing an Instagram Roundup and talking about a few more behind these scenes details of each picture! I hope you enjoy this personal post and find it interesting! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram here!

Instagram Roundup @TimelessTasteBlog

The Welcome Mat

Target seems to just be the place for me to find the estate size door mats! I struggle finding the longer ones that fit our double door in the front. The door itself is a double making it wider than normal door, so it makes shopping for welcome mats a bit challenging! A few weeks ago, I went shopping with my dear friend and of course we went to Target! I found this one and love it, plus it fits perfectly. I was shocked to see that it’s actually cheaper online! It’s only $19.99!!

Where do you get your favorite welcome mats from?

Instagram Roundup @TimelessTasteBlog

The Vitamins

Lately I have been trying out a new set of vitamins and when I say set, I mean a whole slew of vitamins! After many months of contemplating on making this purchase, I finally decided to pick up the Perricone MD Skin Clear Dietary Supplements. The set comes with a package of vitamins to take each day. Hopefully, I will be able to do a review on the one day, but for right now I am still testing them out. What I can say is that they give me an incredible amount of energy. It must be the B vitamin, or something, because I get such a long lasting kick of energy after taking them, On the contrary, I have to have a full stomach when taking them. If not, I feel deathly ill, which is pretty common for me and vitamins. So far I really love them, but I would recommend taking them on a full stomach. I love that it comes with all of the recommended vitamins one package, it just makes thing easier on me! They have a ton of supplement options and I really want to try this!

Instagram Roundup @TimelessTasteBlog

The Weekend

Things are finally beginning to settle down for Jay and I, which means that we have actually been enjoying our weekends! Saturday mornings, and really Saturdays in general, have become time of the week. The past few weeks we have spent our Saturday mornings lounging around the house, making a yummy breakfast (follow me on snapchat “timelesstaste”  to see more) and planning our home and future. We love snuggling our pup, spending time in the kitchen and drinking lot’s of coffee! I don’t think Jay and I could survive without our Nespresso machine, our lives basically revolve around it. I can’t wait to share my kitchen registry items soon, but for now have you visited the “Shop my Kitchen” tab? Here are a few of my favorites from it!

Instagram Roundup @TimelessTasteBlog

The Motivational Struggle

Basically the past two weeks have been highly unproductive. In some ways I have taken huge steps towards my goals for the year, but in other ways I have been struggling to GSD. I haven’t been planning like I should, I haven’t been writing to-do lists like I should and I have just been struggling o keep it together. Do you go through ruts where you just can’t find motivation, encouragement or the ability to get things done? It seems like I have taken 2 steps forward and 3 steps back. I’m hoping to pull it together and get to work today! I need to start by writing out all of my to-dos and just doing them. I have been loving my new planner from Target.

The Youtube Channel

You have probably seen that I have been posting more regularly on my Youtube Channel! I’m really excited to have started making videos again on my channel. I hope that you will go check it out and subscribe to see more personal videos, tutorials and vlogs! VLOG | GROCERY SHOPPING


If you like these kinds of posts, be sure to let me know! I have just cut them out because I wasn’t sure if anyone wanted these more personal and open blog posts. If you do like them and want more, let me know and I will rate them back into the blog calendar! Also, be sure to follow me on Instagram here, I’m always posting new pictures!

Friday Five: Instagram Roundup


  1. Brittany

    March 1st, 2017 at 9:50 pm

    I would love to see a review on the vitamins. How have you been liking them? Have you seen any improvements? Love your blog!

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