November 6, 2015

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Fall Movie Night Snack | Timeless Taste |

We have officially made it through the workweek and I could not be more thankful! Although this week was busy, I was able to tackle it with waking up early and praying nonstop! One of my goals for the week, which I mentioned on my Instagram [be sure to follow me here], was that I wanted to pray first.On Monday I created a post it and attached it to my computer to remind me! I have found so much more comfort by praying first and not as my last resort!

Speaking of praying, I need to pray for this sweet tooth I have recently acquired to disappear! I have always been a carbs over sweets kind of girl, but lately I can’t help myself! With the time change and the leaves falling, it is finally the time of year to cuddle up on the couch with the family, a hot drink and watch our favorite holiday movies! My mom and I have been glued to the Hallmark channel! I don’t know about you, but I probably watch Christmas Vacation more than 5 times every holiday season. Nothing says Merry Christmas like Uncle Eddy, in his bathrobe, draining his sewage [just the thought has me laughing out loud].

Fall Movie Night Snack | Timeless Taste |

Movie nights are one of my favorite things, especially during the holidays! With Thanksgiving coming up, I wanted to share a fun little movie night [or really any night, or day] snack that you can whip up in no time to enjoy while watching your favorite holiday movies by the fireplace! This is perfect for children, and adults, and is a cute little treat for your holiday guests! Let’s get started, shall we!

Fall Movie Night Snack | Timeless Taste |

Fall Movie Night Snack | Timeless Taste |

Fall Movie Night Snack | Timeless Taste |

Fall Movie Night Snack | Timeless Taste |



Reese’s Pieces

Bite Size Milkyways [or the regular size chopped]

Caramel Topping

Chocolate Shell Topping

Fall Movie Night Snack | Timeless Taste |

Fall Movie Night Snack | Timeless Taste |


Pop the popcorn according to specified directions on box. For serving, I chose to use little Mason Jars, because I just adore them! Feel free to use whatever container you would like! Assembly is easy and can be tailored to your specific needs. Fill your container half way with popcorn. Top the popcorn the Reese’s pieces and Milkyway’s and drizzle a bit of the shell chocolate on top. Fill the container the rest of the way with more popcorn and candy. This process creates a well mixed look for the treats!

However, if you are making a large batch feel free to mix all ingredients in a larger bowl and serve however you would like! It would also be fun to try out different chocolates. Jay loves Milkyway’s, but I think Snickers would be delicious too!

These are so easy to throw together last minute and by using Mason Jars your can just put the top on and save them for later!

Fall Movie Night Snack | Timeless Taste |

After a long week, I plan on cuddling up with these sometime this weekend and pulling out some of my favorite movies!

What are your plans for this weekend?!



Festive Fall Movie Night Snack

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