January 25, 2017


Favorite Lipstick CombinationFavorite Lipstick Combination

There is no doubt that I play favorites when it comes to my everyday lipstick combination. YSL Rouge Volupté #1 is my holy grail! This is the lipstick I have mentioned over, and over, and over. I never leave my house without it and quite frankly, I wear it just about everyday. I love the texture of the lipstick, the pigmentation, and just how it feels altogether on my lips. Shade Number One, from YSL is my favorite lipstick color and because I have mentioned it so much in the past, and always tag it/link it in my photos, I wanted to designate an entire post to chatting about my everyday lip combo!

Favorite Lipstick Combination

In the past I have shared my top few lipstick favorites, including my favorite red lip, but I don’t think I have designated an entire post to this specific lipstick. I’m excited to share this combination, that I wear everyday and chat about my favorite YSL lip products. I am definitely a lipstick junky and love all shades of pink and nude, but I always have one safe combo that I can throw on and be out the door in no time!


Favorite Lipstick Combination

Lip Liner

YSL Lip Liner #17 Favorite Lipstick CombinationFavorite Lipstick Combination

I always start out by lining my lips, with my favorite ysl #17 lip liner. Lining is so important in perfecting lipstick application and it also gives me the opportunity to plump my pout a bit! To begin, I follow the natural curves of lips and then go back in, in areas that I want to extend the size of my lips. My bottom lip generally doesn’t need much plumping, however I like to extend the line on my tops lip a bit, just to create the illusion of larger lips. To finish up, I fill in the sides of my lips with the liner, to contour. I leave the center part of my top and bottom lip free of liner. This helps to highlight the higher points of my lips, creating the image of a full pout. Who doesn’t want that?


Rouge Volupté #1 Favorite Lipstick Combination Now for the star of the show, my favorite lipstick! I have been using this shade for a few years now and always come back to it, as my everyday go-to color. For my skin tone and hair color, this shade is the perfect compliment as my everyday nude pink lipstick. I love how creamy the consistency is and how long wearing the color is. This lipstick feels good on my skin! The color? It’s serious, a little goes a long way. If you haven’t given YSL lipsticks a go, you must! The price point isn’t a cheap one, however I truly believe they are worth every penny.The best thing about this lip color, for me, is how it is just so natural and beautiful! I wear it just about everyday and it transitions beautifully throughout the seasons, which makes it even more perfect, in my opinion. I would highly recommend finding a good shade of lipstick, that will last you throughout the seasons, to count on as your daily wear. I love to switch up my colors, but always having a safe option to throw in my bag, is just unbeatable! 


YSL Gloss Volupté #20 Favorite Lipstick Combination Favorite Lipstick Combination Lastly, we can’t forget a little gloss! Sometimes, I think I apply lip gloss like a nervous habit, so I always have to stop myself from applying too much! A little goes a long way, especially when you already have lipstick and lip liner on. This gloss volupté in #20 from YSL is my favorite to wear with my everyday lip combo. It is the perfect nude-pink shade, as well, with a touch of shimmer! It is long lasting and isn’t sticky, which is huge plus for me. I love the applicator and the packagingwell it speaks for itself!

  I hope that you have enjoyed this post and now you know what lip combo I am pretty much always wearing! I get so many questions about my lipstick, and what color I am wearing, so now I have this post that is definitely a go to! if you have tried these colors, or this products let me know how you like them? Also, if you haven’t you really should they are totally worth it! I always use this balm, morning night and in between, it is the absolute best! You can shop everything I used and takes about at the widget below, because these products are must haves! 



Favorite Lipstick Combination


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