July 13, 2016


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Yesterday marked one year of our engagement, next month we will have been together for 8 years and in three months we are getting married! How is that even possible?! The past year has been a complete whirlwind, but it has been one of the best years of my life, to say the least! I feel so blessed and honored to become Jays wife in just a few short months. With all wedding and home building craziness aside, I wanted to devote an entire post to engagement and share some of my thoughts, and engagement tips for those who are newly engaged. This post is a combination of tips, recommendations and how to handle the stress and have fun!


First off, congrats girl on your engagement! I think an engagement is one of the most memorable seasons of a life time. It’s full of love, hugs, best wishes, congratulations and questions…lot’s of questions! I can promise you, you will not know the answer of all of the questions and after a while, you will be tired of people asking them. However, I truly think the questions come from a good place, it’s just after a while, you can get exhausted! I have rounded up a few of my engagement tips that I hope you will find helpful and centering in this exciting and crazy time in your life!


Spreading the News

First things first, you have to spread the news! When it comes to sharing your announcement with your friends and family, don’t feel pressured to call everyone right that second. Trust me when I tell you, news travels fast… like really fast! Take the time to really soak it in, your getting married! Of course you want to tell your immediately family right away and let them in on all of the the wonderful news, but you can wait a little time, before you share with distance family and friends. Sharing the news is wonderful, and you shouldn’t feel rushed, everyone is going to want to know all the details and it’s great to share! I called my immediate family, that wasn’t with me right away while we were on our way to dinner.  My parents were there for the engagement, so of course they were calling everyone they wanted to call. With social media these days, everyone can know in an instance with one picture on Facebook, Instagram or whatever you are using! If thats for you, then share it that way. I chose to wait a few days until we had our engagement pictures, before sharing it on Facebook. 

Thank You Notes

Chances are your family and friends will be gifting you engagement gifts, or sweet little “Mrs” or “Wifey to Be” things, so having lot’s of thank you notes available is important! Thankfully, my Aunt Connie gifted me monogram stationary a few years ago which came handy for thank you notes. At the begging I wasn’t always the best with getting them out on time, so now I have made a rule that I don’t use whatever the gift is, until I have written and sent a thank you note! Writing little thank you notes is so fun and so is stocking up of wedding stationary! 

It’s OK to Not Know the Answer to Every Question

Like I mentioned at the begging, people will be asking you a million questions from “What’s the big day?” to “What does your dress look like?” and you may not know the answer or want to share the answer. Guess what? That is perfectly fine! You do you girl! Jay and I didn’t book our October venue until February, so truthfully we didn’t know. We have tried to keep things to ourselves as much as possible, just because we want our guests to enjoy their weekend and have lots of fun surprises along the way. People are going to be curious which is perfectly normal, and your guests need to be prepared, so sharing some details is ok! You just have to pick and choose and don’t get overwhelmed. It’s you day, not theirs. So share what you would like and just let other details fly under the radar!

Start Your Pinterest Board/Fill It Up

Everyone and their mother has Pinterest these days [I’m sure you do too] so it goes unsaid that you should have a Wedding Pinterest board! If you don’t already have one, I would highly recommend creating one. If you do have one, start filling it up! I like to add tons of stuff to mine and pin things you like, helpful tips, budgeting guidelines and anything else you find helpful/useful. I feel like I could write an entire post on Pinterest for your wedding, so if that interests you, just let the know! A few tips I can give you is to write in the comment of your pin, what you like about the photo or link that you have pinned. That way, as time goes by, you will know exactly what it is that you love about the pin. If you want, you can always created multiple wedding boards. One for flowers, one invitations, one for decor and so on! I would also recommend to make your wedding boards private. You don’t have to do this, but I think its a great way to keep your way day more of a secret!

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Set Boundaries & Limit Yourself to What is Most Important

At the beginning of your engagement, whether you are planning your wedding, preparing to buy a house, or just focusing on your future, I think it’s really important to set boundaries and really focus in on whats important to you.  If your budget is your biggest concern, really set your amount and prepare to stick to it. It photography is the absolute most important factor of your wedding day, make that known and determine how to budget around that. Whatever it is that is the most important part of your wedding, or season of engagement, make a list and stick to it. Personally, I think cutting the number of “important factors” to about 3 is best. However, I’m not good at practicing what I preach. If I had to narrow down the most concerning factors of my wedding, I could probably get it to 5, and they would be:


Location was huge for us when determining where we would hold our ceremony. I can’t wait to share photos of it with you, after our wedding, because there is no doubt in my mind that we didn’t choose the perfect place for us!

Some people are into flowers, however for me they are SO important. I think that decor can be clutter-y, but a stunning floral arrangement is timeless and elegant. 


Being able to remember our day is definitely high on our list. I already know that pictures and memories of our wedding day will be treasured more than anything!


When Jay and I began talking about what our dream wedding would be like, one of the first things we discussed was our family. We are both so family oriented and love our entire family so much. We wanted our wedding weekend to provide our families with time together and to have memories made that we can always cherish.  


Let’s just say no one can dance, drink and throw down, without a good meal. I have been to weddings that didn’t exactly provide the best meal and Jay and I ended up going to the Wendy’s drive thru afterwards. I don’t want our wedding to be like that!

I think its obvious to point out that its not about the material aspect of the wedding, its about the love between Jay and I, that makes my heart skip a beat. My dress is definitely a huge part of my day, but in the end, I want my guests to truly enjoy our day with us. 

Enjoy the Moment, Be Thankful & Remember What It’s All About

Your engagement time is such a happy time, but it can easily be brought down by wedding decisions and pressure. Truthfully, I have recently let it get the best of me. But I have decided to pursue a brighter outlook. This is such a special time in [my] life. It is to bee enjoyed, celebrated, filled with laughter, joyful tears and love. It’s also a very short time it life that should be enjoyed  and spent well. Don’t let little hiccups or mishaps ruin your time. enjoy the planning process, don’t get overwhelmed and delegate your tasks and time to others, that are willing and excited to help you! Don’t let other peoples issues effect you and most of all, just really remember what this time is about and for. It’s a time celebrating your love for the man/woman you plan on spending the rest of your life with. Focus on that love and excitement for the future. Don’t get caught up in what color your table cloth is at your reception, because that is not what its all about. Lastly, be thankful to those around you that are helping you, praying for you and spending this special time with you. You will get impatient, frustrated and overwhelmed. I’m tpety sure thats normal. That’s why you need a support system and truthfully Jay is always my support system! 


 I am so happy for your engagement or just for your happiness with your life right now! I’m currently going through a crazy time in my life between the wedding and the house, but I am thankful for each and everyone one of you who reads my blog! I love blogging and I am working on getting my editorial calendar straight so I can post not he regular. As always, I really love any requests that you have, please send them my way. 


What are your Engagement Tips?!



Engagement Tips

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