March 9, 2016


Easter Dress Favorites |

Growing up easter has always been such a fun holiday! Not that all holiday’s aren’t fun with my family, trust me, they are. But, hunting Easter Eggs [that may contain $$$], playing corn hole, eating delicious food, enjoying sunshine and celebrating Jesus, is just hard to beat! I am so thankful to have such a wonderful family. Today, I have rounded up a few of my Easter Dress Favorites that are available this Spring! There are so many beautiful options, I might just have to pick up one…or two! 

Picking out my Easter dress, is something that I have grown to look forward to over the years. Nothing makes me more giddy, than that perfect outfit, that looks, and feels like Spring! Sometimes, the weather is still a little cool in Virginia, at Easter. So I usually opt for something with sleeves, to keep my arms warm! 

What do you look for in an Easter Dress?!


Easter Dress Favorites

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